We love small towns with a “5th & Main” or a “10th & Park” because those communities feel like home and offer comfort and neighbors who care. Business owners remember your name and folks wave as you drive by. Delightful, right?


The number 8 represents infinity when flipped on its side.

We operate from a willingness to flip the real estate industry on its side with clarity and a fresh look at what really matters. We view our clients as relationships for life – infinity!


The ampersand – even though a small piece of the story – is very important.

We all need to leave room in our lives for the AND. The added value, the new adventure, the bonus experience and exploration.


We all crave the feeling of home. The sigh we feel when we walk in the door after a long day.

That place where our family can thrive. The location where we feel uninhibited, free to be vulnerable and where we experience true comfort.

What can you expect when you work with 8th & Home?

You have access to us during the entire process. Have a question? We have an answer. We commit to assisting you with all aspects of your move, so you can focus your time on the things that matter. You will receive outstanding service from start to finish, utilizing the vast resources, education and experience of the entire 8th & Home team.

Your time is valuable.

At 8th & Home, your time is respected. We will listen to, and understand your needs, hopes and desires from the very beginning, making the best use of our time together.

Community is imperative to us and we believe it encompasses more than simply what a neighborhood can offer. We have an established network of professionals the world over, and if a referral is simply what you need, we will match you up with a stellar experience. If you are looking to buy locally, we will work tirelessly to explore and investigate on your behalf so that you truly find a community that helps you live your best life.

Last but not least, giving back – both locally and globally – is very important as well. We are proud to give both financially – and with our time – to the following organizations in Nebraska and Virginia: Boulder Crest Retreat, Morningside House of Leesburg and First Responders Foundation, Hillcrest Homes, All Play Miracle League and internationally: Habitat for Humanity, Ripple Effect Images, and Ministry to Kenya.

We strongly believe in the power of community. We believe in listening – between the lines.

We strongly believe in offering our clients confidence, service, and a lot of hard work.

We strongly believe in taking care of you and your family, as if you belonged to ours.

We look forward to stepping alongside you in your next real estate journey. Click here to learn more about our team!

Founder of 8th & Home, LLC (with e Venture Real Estate)

Founder of 8th & Home, LLC (with e Venture Real Estate)