2017 Year In Review

What a year 2017 was for more reasons than one! Ready for our 2017 Year In Review?


Real Estate Recaps:

We had a stellar and wonderful 2015, and then a really amazing 2016 where we handed over $31,000 back to our hero clients, but then 2017 left us a bit confused as to how it would all play out. Naomi had moved away from the Northern Virginia area which looked to leave a big hole in our efforts in the area, but Stephanie Mack stepped IN, ready to rock and roll!

For 2017, we closed out the year with 11 transactions closed (2015: 18 and 2016: 25), over $12,000 handed back to our clients who are heroes (teachers, police, fire, first responders and military) [2015: $16,000 and 2016: $31,000] and countless hours logged.

We assisted 6 sellers, our total number of buyers were 2 and we helped 3 rental families find new communities as well [2015: 4 sellers, 6 buyers, 8 rentals and 2016: 7 sellers, 13 buyers, 5 rentals]. In addition to those families served, we also introduced 12 families from all over the world to real estate professionals who helped them "find home" in locations across the United States. Production numbers don't matter much to us (community and clients come first!) but in an effort to publicly track our growth, we claimed $3.87 million in sales for the 2017  year in review [2015: $2.5 million and 2016: $8.4 million]!

70% of our business came from direct referrals (past clients, personal networks), 10% from Facebook (closed group networks) and 20% from our Heroes Home Advantage network. For 2017, 0% of our business came from traditional real estate marketing [2015: 78% from direct referrals, 2016: 40% direct referrals, 40% Facebook and 20% traditional]. 

Naomi's Personal Recaps:

For the team, 2105 taught us lessons on finding our stride and 2016 brought us learning around growth and scaling. 2017 brought us a LOT of teaching around team work, integrity, the power of community and the beauty of "doing real estate right."

I spoke as the opening keynote for the 2017 Families in Global Transition conference in The Hague, Netherlands and the residual impact of that opportunity rippled and resonated through 2017. 2018 is going to bring many more opportunities for me to explore what "community" literally means - both online and offline, expand our real estate reach to Nebraska, as well as continue to do our work globally matching up relocating families with real estate professionals who go the extra mile.

Give Back Recaps:

We appreciate the honor and opportunity to serve with many different volunteer opportunities: Sea Change Mentoring for one, and also volunteer our time and resources with local organizations in our community.


At the end of the day, we exist to serve you, your friends and family, and your referrals. We strive to better ourselves through consistent training and growth. Thank you for trusting us in 2017 with your referrals, with your own personal real estate journeys, and allowing us to help you find home!

Here's to a beautifully connected and community-driven 2018!

Naomi Hattaway signature
Naomi Hattaway signature