Burke Street Produce

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Every now and then we are reminded of the power of shopping local. Being a part of a community comes with a responsibility to support local business. It also comes with an opportunity to make choices to open our wallets when it can directly impact the bottom line of our entrepreneurial neighbors. 

In Omaha, Nebraska, we've recently fallen in love with the Burke Street Produce team!! We often stop by for a few bags of goodness and we wanted to share them with you as well!  Located at the corner of 180th & Burke Streets (179th to be exact), they are open Monday through Friday from 9:00-5:30pm and from 8:30-6pm on the weekends. They stock the following produce: sweet corn, tomatoes (and cherry tomatoes as well), red and yellow onions, melons, watermelons and more. If you visit on a day when they have chocolate cherry tomatoes available, do not pass them by! 

Not only do we love the great customer service and sweet smiles, but their watermelons come with a guarantee - love them, or bring them back for a refund / replacement! 

Burke Street Produce Cashier.JPG

Pro tip: bring your own reusable bags and a couple of extra dollar bills for the girls' college fund tip jar!

Know of another amazing local farmers' market or produce stand that we should check out - in Nebraska or Northern Virginia? Let us know in the comments!