Business Spotlight: Comfenergy

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This week's business spotlight is on Comfenergy, a business co-owned by Justin Dobson. Justin recently won "Entrepreneur of the Year" from the Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce and we wanted to provide more information about Comfenergy to you!

What led you to create Comfenergy?

I started Comfenergy 4 years ago because there was a missing need in the HVAC/Comfort industry.  What people don't realize is there is more to home comfort than HVAC alone.  I owned a family HVAC business (still in operation today) and we kept having homeowners complain about comfort issues that could not be solved with HVAC.  The issues also involved duct work and/or insulation and air leakage issues.  Take a look at the "Comfort Triangle" image to show what I mean.

Comfort Triangle Comfenergy

What do you wish most homeowners knew about their home's efficiency (or lack thereof).

That HVAC makes hot air or cold air. That's it!!!  Nothing more, and nothing less.  So, if they have no AC or heat they need to call an HVAC company to make it work again.  BUT, if the AC or heating is working and they have any other comfort or energy complaint under the sun, they need to call a home performance contractor like Comfenergy to diagnose the problem and provide the solution.  I also wish homeowners wouldn't "self diagnose" the solution.  You wouldn't tell a doctor how to fix your painful elbow.  You would tell the doctor that your elbow hurts, and they would perform tests to determine how to fix that painful elbow.

Comfenergy Leaky Home Diagram

What is your 30 second elevator pitch to best explain Comfenergy's services to someone who has never heard about it previously?

Comfenergy is the leading home performance contractor in Northern VA. We concentrate on solving problems in your home like hot/cold spots, drafty areas, high/low humidity, cold floors, and hundreds of other issues. If your HVAC equipment is working and you have other complaints, call Comfenergy for a free in home diagnostic evaluation to determine why the issue exists, and what to do to fix it.

Why are you proud of being a Loudoun County business owner (and Chamber Member!)?

There are not many places in this country that have an economy like Loudoun County.  We shop local and support each other.  I have made a tremendous number of working relationships with other local business owners and we are all very willing to help each other out in any way.  It's a very unique place to live and work!

What are some of your favorite fellow Chamber Member's businesses in Loudoun County that you love to support?

I have tons of fellow Loudoun County businesses that we support.  From restaurants, home service businesses, non-profits, retail, farmers markets, and wineries to give a few examples.  There is really no need to leave Loudoun County to support a business....we have it all right here in our back yard!

Justin Dobson ComfenergyIf you had a Saturday morning with no obligations, how would you spend it in Loudoun County?

I would most likely sleep in a little.  Then, get up and work in the yard mowing, cutting wood, clearing fallen trees and branches.  Maybe in the afternoon go to a restaurant or winery and relax.


For more information on Comfenergy or to schedule your free no-obligation assessment of your home's energy audit, visit their website or call 1-844-478-4534.