How to celebrate Earth Day in your home

Earth Day is being celebrated and honored on April 22, 2019. Here are eight simple ways to do your part and take action for Earthy Day 2019:

Photo by  Noah Buscher  on  Unsplash

Photo by Noah Buscher on Unsplash

  1. Pledge to stop using pesticides in your yard and lawn, and instead protect natural pollinators.

    Pollinators are extremely important and provide the plants that we rely on, and without them around, we would be in bad shape! We are losing bees in large numbers - which are also important to our eco-system, but there’s something we can all do about it! By discontinuing the use of pesticides, we can protect bees and their hives. Click above if you’d like to pledge to discontinue your use of pesticides.

  2. Pledge to reduce your plastic use and consumption.

    Plastic pollution is one of the largest risks to our environment. We have all had a part to play in the large use of plastics, and by completing this calculator, you can learn about how many plastics you consume (and throw away!) consistently.

  3. Keep the car in your garage and consider using your bicycle or public transportation to get to work or school, just for one day! A city that implements a car free day can experience a reduce in air pollution by up to 78%!

  4. Plant a tree. Just one will reap many benefits for your neighborhood. Check out the Arbor Day Foundation for information on obtaining ten free trees when you join their organization.

  5. Leave the television off and go outside to plant those trees!

  6. Bring your own bags to the grocery store. They don’t have to be the fancy canvas bags in order for you to reduce your carbon footprint. Simply by reusing the plastic bags (or paper bags from some grocery stores) on several subsequent visits, you are doing an amazing favor to Planet Earth!

  7. Eat dinner by candlelight. Not only will it create special memories with your family and loved ones, you’ll reduce electricity which in turn helps protect the environment (click here to learn more about the impact of electricity on Planet Earth).

  8. Purchase and use titanium or stainless steel straws and reusable coffee cups. Our family has taken a liking to titanium reusable straws because they don’t leave a smell or taste as you drink the liquid and they are easy to clean. The KeepCup is our favorite reusable coffee cup, and it’s beautiful as well since it’s clear glass. The cork material around the glass provides a heat-safe place to hold the cup and the lid is a perfect silicone design.

How will you celebrate Earth Day 2019? Let us know in the comments!