8 Reasons to Fall in Love with Loudoun County

8 Reasons to Fall In Love with Loudoun County
8 Reasons to Fall In Love with Loudoun County

Contemplating a move to Loudoun? Loudoun County is far more than just a pretty suburb of Washington, DC. It’s family-friendly, safe and offers “country living” right outside the nation’s capital. Loudoun has a small town feel with its local small businesses, farmers markets, close-knit neighborhoods, and friendly residents. However, when you are ready for a night out in the big city, DC is just a quick trip away. Many residents love this small town/big city balance because it makes living life in Loudoun anything but boring!

Here are eight reasons to fall in love with Loudoun County, one of the most desired counties in Virginia.

1. Schools

Loudoun County is the third largest school district in Virginia and is known for having some of the top academic programs in the state. Loudoun boasts a high graduation rate and superior teachers. Not only will your children be challenged by the curriculum, but they will be taught by some of the best teachers Virginia has to offer. Whether you are looking at public or private schools, you can be confident your children will receive a quality education. The county is even home to a few colleges and universities. Learn more by visiting the Loudoun County Public Schools website.

2. Abundance of Job Opportunities

Loudoun County is close to Washington, DC, but you don’t have to drive into the city to find great jobs. The county itself is a hub for data and technology centers. Some of the largest technology firms in the world have made Loudoun their home including AOL, Verizon, and Raytheon. Jobs in Loudoun are plentiful, which in turn creates a low unemployment rate in the county.

3. Highest median income in the United States

Loudoun offers numerous well paying opportunities in countless fields which in turn results in higher median incomes. Year after year, Loudoun County tops the list of the Richest Counties in America, with the highest median income per household in the nation according to the US Census Bureau.

4. Plethora of Things To Do

Wineries, breweries, parks, shopping- you name it, Loudoun’s got it!

Wine. If you love wine, Loudoun’s wine country is a must visit. There are dozens of wineries, some big and fancy, others small and cozy- but all offering delectable wine and many have light fare or food trucks onsite. People come from near and far to have a glass of award-winning wine while enjoying breathtaking views. Many wineries not only have tasting rooms but offer wine education events, private tours and live music. Stone Tower and Tarara are popular large wineries that hold many events. If you are looking for a more intimate and cozy winery, Fabbioli is a local favorite.

Beer. Breweries have become increasingly popular in Loudoun due to the impressive fact that many of the local breweries grow and source their own hops. A local favorite is Vanish in Leesburg. Vanish has too many events to count, like a monthly paint night, live music, and trivia nights.

Parks. Algonkian Regional Park in Sterling and Morven Park in Leesburg are two of the more popular parks in Loudoun. Algonkian features a golf course, a water park and camping sites. Morven Park features 3 museums, athletic fields, the ever popular Polo in the Park series and numerous other affairs.

Shopping. If you are a shopper, a visit to the Leesburg Corner Premium Outlets is a must to score some great deals. If you are more interested in shopping local, Loudoun provides a variety of small businesses and has many popular antique stores, including the Lucketts Store.

Volunteering. With organizations like Mobile Hope, Loudoun First Responders Foundation, the Loudoun County Animal Services organization and others, there is no shortage of opportunities to be able to give back to your community!

5. The History

Loudoun County has a rich history dating back to the 1700s and has many museums, sites and landmarks to honor it. Loudoun also makes an effort to preserve its history by limiting development to help with traffic and preserving historical areas. Many re-enactments and educational events are held throughout the year and are open to the public. If you are a Civil War buff, make sure to visit the Ball’s Bluff Battlefield Regional Park which offers guided walking tours through the historic site. Check out visitloudoun.org for an itinerary for “Loudoun’s Civil War in A Day”- a wonderful guide!

6. Farmer’s Markets

In Loudoun, we are all about eating local. There’s an abundance of farmer’s markets and roadside stands throughout the area. If you are looking for organic, locally grown produce, homemade pies, and fresh meat look no further than Loudoun County! Some of our favorites include Loudounberry, Faith Like A Mustard Seed, Brossman’s and Farmer John’s Market. There are also numerous farm to table restaurants in the area, and Loudoun has a great CSA program. The CSA program allows residents to buy straight from the farm. This way you support local agriculture and in return receive a weekly box filled with fresh, locally grown food. It’s a win, win!

7. The Natural Beauty

This reason is an obvious one, but needed to be mentioned! One of the major reasons people move to Loudoun County is because of its natural beauty. There’s the mountains, the green rolling hills, the Potomac River, wildlife, and farmlands. The views are breathtaking, and the county has many parks, trails and farms for the public to utilize to enjoy the stunning outdoors.

8. Home Options are Endless

No matter what type of home you are looking for, Loudoun County has got it! New construction? Check. Historic home? Check. Looking for a condominium or townhome? We’ve got those too! Loudoun offers homes in communities with Homeowners Associations but there are also many homes not tied to a HOA. There are homes on acres of land, but if you prefer to have as little land as possible (who has time for the maintenance?!) that can be found in Loudoun too! There’s a place for you in Loudoun, no matter your home/ community type, budget or land preference.

Have you experienced what it's like to fall in love with Loudoun County? What are your favorite things to love about Loudoun?