Happy Hound in Lansdowne

One of the many benefits of living in the Lansdowne community is the close proximity, in many cases walking distance, to groceries, banking, a major pharmacy, boutique stores, salon services, home furnishings, and a variety of restaurants—all found at the Lansdowne Town Center.  And this benefit doesn’t just apply to humans, but mankind’s best friend as well! Happy Hound Lansdowne

Meet Ross Wujkowski, the co-owner and operator along with his wife, Laura, of Happy Hound, “the Dog Lifestyle Company.”

Ross and Laura Wujkowski Happy Hound Lansdowne

Happy Hound is the one-stop shop for everything dog-related, but make no mistake, this is NOT your average, generic big-brand pet store.

Happy Hound Lansdowne

Happy Hound is a locally-owned mom-and-pop business that prides itself in providing carefully selected grooming products, high-quality dog foods, and hand picked specialty toys.

In addition, there are two self-serve dog washing stations that beat the competition with their privacy and large size.  Each station able to accommodate two dogs at the same time.

Happy Hound Lansdowne

Ross explains that Happy Hound wants to be more than just another dog owner’s supply store.  Happy Hound strives to become a “community center” for dogs and the humans that love them.

“People think of their dog as a member of the family,” says Ross, and just like any family member, “they want to offer their dog a good healthy diet, not fast food, and good quality healthcare.”

Happy Hound Lansdowne

“If someone is new to the area and wants to find out about a good vet, walking services, or boarding, we can give them all kinds of recommendations.  Or if they just want to know about a good trail to hike with their dog, we can give some good ideas, too.”

Happy Hound Lansdowne

Happy Hound proudly sponsors regular charity events supporting local  animal shelters or Rescue organizations, usually around holidays, such as their “Santa Paws” event or their Valentine’s Day “Smooch a Pooch” event, featuring a photo booth where donors can have their picture being kissed by a very friendly English Bulldog!

Happy Hound Lansdowne

For more information, visit www.happyhoundco.com, or pay a visit to  Happy Hound with your canine family member at the Lansdowne Town Center.

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