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Clint and Kelly Harp of Harp Design CoYou've likely seen an episode or two of the hit HGTV show, Fixer Upper. If so, you've also been introduced to Clint Harp, the amazing carpenter and creative genius behind Harp Design Co. Along with his wife Kelly, they focus on creating and giving. Working with almost 100% recycled and reclaimed wood, their great hope is that each piece of handmade furniture brings people together in homes, carving out space for family meals, work, art projects, or sharing a cup of coffee.

Love, laughter, and connection—these are things we all need, and the vision behind every piece we create.

Back when I first start watching Fixer Upper, the timing coincided with the purchase of our new home in Northern Virginia. Because the kitchen island offered space to create opportunities to gather around, eat and even work and do homework, etc., I began searching for the perfect stools to complement the kitchen.

After watching a specific episode when Clint reclaimed wood from a razed building, I had a lightbulb moment! A few emails and many custom design discussions later, our Harp Design Co stools project was underway!

Harp Co Design Stools Fixer Upper Magnolia Mom

Jacob working his magic with reclaimed metal for the foot rests. Photo courtesy of @ckharp on Instagram.

Harp Design Co


The wood used for our stools came from the 100 year old Shear-Callan Mansion in Waco, Texas. Being able to provide new life for these beautiful pieces of wood is very meaningful to our family and we fell in love with the concept behind Harp Design Co's intention to blend recycled materials to offer a "purposeful reflection of human families, partnerships, friendships, and communities."

Harp Co Design Stools Fixer Upper Magnolia Mom

Do you see that hashtag, #100pieces? It's true! Each stool was created from INDIVIDUAL pieces (between 12-15 pieces per stool) that Clint glued together, then shaped, sanded and loved into the shape you see above.

Harp Design Co Shipment

We are thrilled to welcome these beauties into our home and respect the flaws and character in each stool. It reminds us that we are all on a journey, one to find the beauty in all that surrounds us!

Harp Co Design Stools Fixer Upper Magnolia Mom


Thank you Clint, Britt, Jacob and the rest of the Harp Design Co team for these amazing stools! We rave about them almost daily and are honored to have them hold space in our kitchen, where most of our life takes place!

Harp Design Co Barstools Fixer upper

For more information or to order your very own Harp Design Co barstools, visit their website or check out the Fixer Upper episodes on HGTV.