Heroes Home Advantage

  I am proud to give away 25% of the money I make!

Wouldn't you agree there are SO many ways we can give back in our community? Volunteering to spend time during a neighborhood cleanup, holding a coat drive for the needy or serving soup at a local shelter are some of the most common ways. Other opportunities exist like reading books at a nursing home, walking dogs at the local animal rescue or even working at your polling place on election day.

As a proud resident of Loudoun County, I have chosen several key ways to give back to my community. I volunteer at Boulder Crest Retreat, serve on the Outreach Committee at our local middle school and participate in several non-profit committees of local business associations. I’m super excited, however, to share with you all about one of the most unique ways I’ve chosen to give back!

Todd Hattaway (Husband), US Marine Corps

Heroes Home Advantage

Barb Musselman Smith (Stepmother) US Air Force

Heroes Home Advantage

We honor military service members on the 4th of July and Veterans Day. We pay tribute to our teachers and school administrative staff during Teacher Appreciation Week and we say “thank you” to police, firefighters and first responders on 9/11. However, on the days in between, it is quite easy to go about our day and navigate through our schedule without giving much thought to those who serve our country and communities.

Unintentionally, we are simply caught up in the business of our calendars and the normalcy of our lives. We forget to say a simple thank you to those who serve our country and communities as a regular practice.

Part of my job description as a real estate agent and relocation professional is to help families find home. My clients and I think beyond the open layout of the kitchen and even investigate deeper than simply finding the best school district. We work together to establish some out of the box thinking when it comes to the topic of finding the right community for each family. I recently began brainstorming how I could best offer my services and give back at the same time, and was thrilled to discover Heroes Home Advantage.

Heroes Home Advantage offers an opportunity for those in the real estate industry (mortgage lenders, real estate agents, home inspection companies, etc.) to give a percentage or fixed amount from their commission or offer discounts when a HERO works with them to buy or sell a home. Sounds fantastic, right?

Heroes Home Advantage defines a HERO as any military member (active, reserve or veteran), health care professional (including dentistry), police force, firefighters (volunteer included!), EMTs and other first responders as well as teachers and other school administration staff members.

When I work with a client who qualifies as a HERO, I am truly honored and excited to give them 25% of my commission earned from their purchase or sale of a home. Consider a home with a $250,000 sales price. That HERO receives approximately $1,875 of my commission back to them on closing day!  Even more, when a HERO client works with one of the service providers in my network, they stand to receive a $250 Lender Credit, a $100 Attorney Fee Credit, a $50-$250 Title Fee Credit or Gift Card … the list goes on and on!

Heroes Home Advantage Naomi Hattaway

It’s stressful enough to begin the process of buying or selling a home. It’s the least I can do to say “thank you for your service” in the form of a financial gift at the end of our journey together. It is truly an honor to give back in this way, to those who give of their time to serve our community and country.

To learn more about the Heroes Home Advantage, call me at 571-482-7356.