8 items to leave for the buyer of your home


We love gifting our clients with really practical but amazingly creative closing gifts, as a way to say thank you for trusting our team with the sale or purchase of their new home. We typically take a nod from It's A Wonderful Life and create a beautiful basket, but we've also been known to gift a personalized throw pillow as well. Did you know you too can be a part of gifting something during the real estate transaction?

No matter the friendliness of your transaction, or how stressful it may have been during the negotiation and closing, there are some simple ways that you can give back to the buyer of your home, and perhaps earn some karma credits along the way! Here are 8 items to leave for the buyer of your home.

Items To Leave:

  • any and all neighborhood / location-centric handbooks or guidebooks
  • all manuals for the house, anything that conveys / transfers with the house
  • a simple printout of nearby attractions, shopping, touristy stuff, bonus points for including your dentist/doctor and vet contacts
  • any extra lightbulbs for the house
  • the garage door openers
  • a note on what paint colors you've used for rooms (if you remember) & leave the paint cans behind as well!
  • a simple drawing of what has been planted where
  • a note --- this doesn't need to be awkward, but a simple note saying something like "best of luck to you and wishing you many happy memories in this space" is appreciated

If you want to go full tilt and leave good karma in the universe, leave a welcome basket with a neighbor ... and ask them to deliver it after the new family has moved in ... perhaps a gift card to the movie theater, bottle of wine and a candle.