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Meet the Principal Carolyn Clement Lucketts Elementary

If you are moving to a new home, one of the biggest concerns may very well be the schools your children will attend! We will be interviewing area principals in Loudoun County and allowing you to get to know them a bit! First up is Mrs. Carolyn Clement, the principal at Lucketts Elementary School.  We had some questions for her and here are her answers!

What is your background in the public schools?

I started my career in Loudoun as a speech/language pathologist.  I became a special education supervisor early on and then went back to work in the schools after about 5 years.  I became a school administrator about 10 years ago and have enjoyed every job that I've taken on.  I truly enjoy the collaboration among teachers, students and parents.  I just celebrated my 30th year as an educator in Loudoun.

Tell us a little bit about your own family?

My parents still live in Springfield, Va in the house in which I grew up.  My siblings are both educators: my brother is a Government and Economics teacher in Fairfax; my sister is a professor of math education at SDSU in San Diego. All of my kids are grown.  I have two step kids - daughter in San Francisco and son is local.  My daughter is in Blackburg and my son is in Boston.  They are all products of LCPS and I'm so proud of who they are.

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What is your LEAST favorite food and why?

I guess it would be clams, oysters and scallops - I'm deathly allergic to them.

What is your favorite color?

I like purple!  It's so warm and vibrant.

If you were given $100 as a "just because" gift, how would you spend it?

I try to give "surprise" money to JDRF.  I have a nephew who lives with Type 1 Diabetes and it's truly a difficult way to live.  Several years ago I started giving to that organization when I found "unexpected money", so I would probably do that.

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Beach, Mountains, Lake or Big City?

That's a toughie.  I love to relax at the beach, but I also like the big city for all the things to do.  I guess it depends on who I'm with!

What did you want to be, as a little girl, when you grew up?

I wanted to be a teacher, always.  I played school and worked on my teaching skills early in life - with younger siblings as my guinea pig students.

What is one thing that very few people know about you?

Being Italian, I make home-made pasta (usually ravioli) at Thanksgiving time.

What is one thing that new parents to Lucketts Elementary can do to best prepare their children for their new school community?

Not just for parents at Lucketts Elementary but for all parents: Early on - from the time children are babies, Talk to them!  Talk with them about your day, talk with them about things they see and hear, talk with them about their day, during dinner, while you're driving, etc. As they get older, model reading for pleasure, reading to learn, and talk with them about what you read.  Show them how excited you are about what you read.

What is your MOST favorite school subject?

MATH!  I love math and always have!  I love seeing students make the connections and apply their math skills to daily life.

Mrs. Clement also would love for parents to know that as an administrator, she truly cares about what is happening for the students of Lucketts Elementary.  She says:

“I’m going to listen to them; that I listen and care about what they think. I care about what is happening for their student. My focus is going to be on the child. Sometimes, teachers or parents think they know what is best and it will be my job to make sure we are focusing on the child and not just worrying about our own feelings and our own beliefs. We’re really looking at what’s best for the child.  If parents know I’m listening to them and that I care about their child first, that’s the main thing.”

From her experiences at raising her own two children in Loudoun County Public Schools, she knows what it's like to be on the other side of the conversation with an administrator:

“I have had the situation where I’ve had to meet with the teacher and with the administrator about my children; I have that perspective. I know that when people work together, we can make sure the student is doing what they need to do and learn what they need to learn.”

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From the Great Schools website, some parent reviews of Lucketts Elementary:

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