Milk and Honey, Harlan Iowa

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My husband has a Harley (he's owned several over the years, but my favorite one is the current RoadKing!) and it's always a lot of fun to hop on the back and go for a spin. Today though, we made a more intentional choice to end up at Milk & Honey in Harlan, Iowa. Living in the Elkhorn area of Nebraska, this meant that the ride was about 90 minutes (using back roads, as I'm not a fan of the interstate on the Harley) so we planned the timing out so we would arrive at lunchtime. It was a stunningly gorgeous day, in the high 70s, just enough of a chill that I needed to wear my jacket!

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We were greeted cheerily from the staff inside and since we visited on a Sunday, the brunch menu was available - but so hard to choose!

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We were served a complimentary homemade donut, covered in oozing chocolate and topped with M&Ms! (we shared it, using forks, and finished it in a flash!).

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Our order arrived a short time later: the Brunch Burger and the Goat Cheese & Jam Burger (with coleslaw and frites as the sides) and we could barely eat half of our burgers! The servings are huge and the price is amazingly reasonable!

From their Facebook page: 

We love good food, our community, excellent coffee, and a memorable conversation. We hope you can find all of those here.

"We wanted to use our restaurant as an educational experience for people, showing them that they can experience elevated dishes without going to a large city. We want to teach people that organic doesn't always mean expensive." Ellen Walsh-Rosmann, Omaha World Herald.

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In an article from Edible, Hans Walsh explains, “So today we had a grilled cheese sandwich. The sourdough bread came from Culprit Bakery in Omaha, the goat cheese came from Doe’s and Diva’s Dairy in Honey Creek, Iowa, and the heirloom tomatoes from Botna Burrow in Hancock, Iowa. Everything came from around here,” explains Hans. “We serve straightforward food. We have breakfast burritos, sausage, egg and cheese and bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches. We aren’t trying to do too much. We are keeping it simple and wholesome,” he says.

“A lot of people have an idea [about locally grown food] but maybe don’t understand how close things are and that it is possible to support local farmers and strengthen our local economy,” says Hans.

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If you are within a few hours' drive of Harlan, Iowa, a trip to Milk and Honey is well worth your time! (Pro tip? Time out your visit to coincide with an afternoon matinee at the Harlan Theatre!)

Address: 1101 7th St, Harlan, IA 51537

Hours:  Sunday 8AM–2PM, Monday CLOSED, Tuesday-Thursday 7AM-2PM, Friday 7AM-2PM, 5-8PM, Saturday 7AM-2PM

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