Moving from a Townhome to a Single Family Home

The size and style of a home is one of the first things most Realtors talk to their clients about. "Do you want a single family home or a townhome?" If you currently live in a townhome and are considering the move up process to a single family home, we wanted to provide some insight into the different aspects of moving from a townhome to a single family home.

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Yard Size and Lawn Care

The size of your yard can be both a benefit and a detraction. If you are used to, and enjoy not having to spend much time caring for your lawn, a single family home might not be the right fit for your lifestyle. However, the opportunity for a larger outdoor living space can add enjoyment to your daily living (and truth be told, you can always hire out the lawncare!).

The size of your lot can impact your future resale value as well. Be sure to ask your Realtor about the average sizes of lots in the neigborhoods you are interested in, as well as peruse the various footprints to discover the differences in where homes are placed on the lots to get maximum use out of your yard.


Whether it be by virtue of shared parking stalls or common green areas or even the reality that townhomes share walls, moving from a townhome to a single family home means more privacy! Parking with a single family home will often offer at least one dedicated parking space off-street, and in many cases, a dedicated garage with space for storage as well as driveway spaces in addition.

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Homeowners Association Fees

In some cases, the HOA fees (Homeowner Association Fees) may be lower for single family homes because there are not additional fees to cover the repair or replacement of shared roofs or common areas. Many neighborhoods in Northern Virginia have HOA fees, which provide for services such as garbage pickup, snow removal, pool and community membership, etc.  If you are looking to move from a townhome to a single family home, make sure you check the difference in HOA fees between the two options.


Do you already have a pet or plan to have one in the future? Some townhomes restrict the size or type of pets you can have, especially when talking about dogs. Single family homeowners do not have the same restrictions and also often have a greater sized lot for their pet to utilize.


There are many things to think about when considering a move from a townhome to a single family home! Utilize the advice of your Realtor and friends and family when looking at your lifestyle and future needs before making your ultimate decision.


One of our featured listings is a perfect example of what a single family home can offer its residents. This 5 bedroom, 3.5 bathroom home at 1511 Barksdale Drive in Leesburg offers a large fenced back yard, a generous sized deck, a fully finished basement and more. Interested in making Potomac Crossing your new neighborhood?