New OPS High School in northwest Omaha

On May 15th, Omaha Public Schools landed a "YES" vote on a bond issue for more than $409 million. Part of this bond money will be used - in part - to build a new high school in northwest Omaha. Included in this plan is a proposed partnership with YMCA to build not just a high school, but a shared facility with the YMCA. The school would be located at 156th & Ida and would share all YMCA programs, weight rooms, gyms and a 6 lane swimming pool. 

Touted as a seamless operation, representatives of the YMCA feel it's a perfect marriage between the school and the community since everyone can share the facilities and the high school is slated to open in 2022.

Curious about what the name will be? We are too! See what Grace has to say on the topic of naming schools.

If you're looking in this area for a new home, we have a beautiful opportunity located in the boundaries for this new high school: Click to see 6317 N. 151st Street!