8 things to do today so you can sell your home faster next year

tips to sell home next year
tips to sell home next year

Human nature means that we often don't do things until the very last minute, and we get that!

BUT ... we are here today to provide you with 8 simple tips that you can take action on TODAY that will help you sell your home faster next year, because you never know when you might be in the market to sell your home!

  1. SNAP A SHOT. Go outside and take a photo of the exterior of your home. It doesn't have to be professional quality grade, but trust us, you will be so happy to have a blue sky, white cloud photo of the exterior of your home if it turns out that you need to put your home on the market at a time when perhaps its nothing but rain falling from the heavens or snow has covered the earth (not that some homes aren't gorgeous with a fresh blanket of snow, but we tend to think blue skies makes a much better backdrop for the first image a potential buyer will see of your home.
  2. PLOT IT OUT. If you have invested in any landscaping around your home, or perhaps have planted a garden, take some time to plot out where various plants and shrubbery are located. Often, the greens and structure of a plant die away during the fall/winter months and instead of the new buyers guessing at what is located where, gift them with a drawing of where those beautiful peonies will pop up and where your prize-winning zucchini plants are located.
  3. TRIM IT UP. Everyone is scared to prune their rose bushes, but it's not as hard as you may think. Nothing feels better for a rose bush than to be pruned after the bushes are done flowering. Come next spring, those roses will be flourishing and if you're listing for the spring market, what a way to welcome potential buyers during open house events and showings!
  4. MAILBOX APPEAL. Even if you live in an HOA and must subscribe to certain rules and regulations, chances are you can plant a nice flowering plant or evergreen bush at the base of your mailbox. Take it one step further and plant a clematis, which is a beautifully flowering vine!
  5. INVEST AGAINST THE PEST. Pests can be quite pesky and most homes have them! Invest in a good pest control company to begin treating your home on a quarterly basis to allow time for the magic to do its work against things like wasps, rodents, etc.
  6. GATHER THE MANUALS. If you don't already have a file folder with the appliances manuals for your home, start one now. It's fairly typical to have a drawer full of manuals left for the new buyer, but if you wait until the very last days before you move out, it will feel stressful trying to gather them at the last minute.
  7. MAINTENANCE RECORDS. Keep a running tab on your maintenance of the home, any repairs AND all upgrades you've done! We love highlighting the work our sellers have done on the homes they have on the market. Start a document on your computer with not only the work done, but the dates of the improvements and for tax purposes, note the amount spent (and keep those receipts!).
  8. LIST IT. No, don't put it on the market just yet, but commit to making a list of ALL of the things you have on your "honey do" list. You know, replacing the wobbly doorknob and hiring someone to clean the baseboards. Oh, and that hanging gutter you always forget about it? Put those things on a list and systematically begin working towards remedying those small but necessary repairs. You'll thank us for it later!

What's one thing you KNOW you need to work on remedying at your current home?

If you have additional questions about the process of placing your home on the market, feel free to reach out and get in touch!