Show your home: The ultimate checklist


Is it time to show your home? We have the ultimate checklist that will allow you to open up your home with confidence and style. But first things first. Remember that your home is now a property. Yes, you have lots of sweet memories and those memories are important and worth taking with you. But those will now live on in your photos and stories. It is now time to remove yourself from your house and truly look at it as a product. Something that you are selling. You want to remove yourself from the home so that potential buyers can imagine themselves living in your home. Here is a quick list of things to keep in mind before that open house!

  1. Turn on all the lights-light creates warmth and makes everything look warm and inviting. Turn on all the ceiling lights as well as the table lamps. This brightens everything up and gives off a subtle glow from the street. Think curb appeal!
  2. Spray a room deodorizer-Choose a neutral scent like cotton or fresh linen. This just helps neutralize odor and gives your home a fresh and new scent.
  3. Turn off noise-turn off anything that might make noise. A radio, a tv, anything that creates a hum. This can be distracting. You want your potential buyers to have an amazing experience and not associate your home with any annoying sounds.
  4. Keep it comfortable-if it is hot outside, crank up that air conditioner. If it is snowing and in the dead of winter, crank up that heat. Make those buyers want to get into your house just as fast as they can.
  5. Give everything a swipe-make sure to wipe down all countertops, windows, window seals, and doors. Little hands and fingers can leave smudges and make things look dirtier than they really are.  A good swipe over all of your surfaces is a great way to make the house look, and smell, clean.
  6. Show Your Home Checklist
  7. Remove personal items-Remember we are emotionally detaching ourselves from this home. You are moving on and it is time to remove those personal items. Make sure you take your laptop, book, or anything else you might be working on and put it in the car with you. Let them imagine their own laptop on the kitchen counter.