Best kept secrets in Nebraska: soul food and bbq

We often feel that Omaha gets a bad rap when it comes to bbq and soul food recommendations. Ask where the best bbq is located in the United States and you'll often hear Kansas City or Memphis Tennessee. We beg to differ! 

Quick Bites Soul Food

(as in "let me get a bite, right quick")

Quick Bites Soul Food.JPG

Featured in Travel Noire's 50 top black owned restaurants in 2018, Quick Bites is a local favorite for our Offutt uniformed personnel, Bellevue residents and now, mine as well!  It happens to be owned by one of my brother-in-laws but I'm not biased - the food is out of this world amazing! 

Quick Bites Soul Food, 105 W. Mission, Bellevue NE (402-715-4419)


Our favorites are the smoked chicken, New Orleans shrimp and sausage (over dirty rice), pulled pork po boy sandwiches and the sides. Oh my goodness, the sides. Mac n Cheese, collard greens, cornbread, baked beans and more! We also brought home some red beans and rice, and my mouth is still watering! 

If you visit, tell the crew that the 8th & Home team sent you ... and have a slice of pie for us! 

Quick Bites Soul Food Outside.JPG

Jim's Rib Haven

Jim's Rib Haven.JPG

Back in the late 1990s and early 200s, my oldest son and I lived just around the corner from Jim's Rib Haven. Every day, starting in the mid-morning, the amazing smells would waft down and our mouths started watering - right away! Recently, we stopped back in and memory served us well!

3801 Ames Ave, Omaha, NE 68111

OPEN DAILY 10am - 9pm daily (closed on Mondays), Jim's Rib Haven has both a drive-thru window or you can park and order from the inside window. Be forewarned there is no inside seating, and after the lunch hour is complete, only the drive-thru is open.

We highly recommend the ribs, sliced pork and the saucy fries!!

Jim's Rib Haven Receipt.JPG

Do you know of a soul food restaurant or bbq joint in the Omaha Nebraska area that you'd like to suggest we try out? Let us know in the comments!