Should I stage my house for sale

"Staging" is the new buzzword in the real estate industry. Real estate agents can now obtain the ASP designation (Accredited Staging Professional) and you would be surprised how many professional stagers are out there, whether working for large companies or for themselves as entrepreneurs. Watch any HGTV show about homes and the buy/sell process, you'll hear the word staging. But what exactly is it? I can hear you now, asking the question "Should I stage my house for sale?"

Staging my house to sell

Selling your home quickly is a recipe that includes ingredients like location, the market and pricing. Another very important ingredient is staging and the condition of your home! If selling your home is a beauty contest, then staging it is like putting on the dress to help your home really shine and sparkle.

Staged homes spend 83% less time on the market than homes that are unstaged. ~National Association of Realtors

How many home listings have you personally clicked past simply because of the first impression you had when viewing the photos? How many times have you been turned off during the showing of a home because it was too cluttered or you couldn't imagine yourself living in the home?

When it is time for your home to be at the focus of the search, it is important that the rooms inside create a mood, a visualization of home for the buyers looking.


The average investment to stage a home is between 1-3% of the asking price, and staging generates an 8-10% return on investment. ~National Association of Realtors

Stagers will come to your home shortly after the initial listing appointment. After previewing your home, they will make suggestions such as rearranging furniture, removing personal photos, providing alternate lighting and more. Some staging companies will offer additional services and will come in to personally perform the staging transformation (imagine it, you could be out for a coffee or shopping while this takes places!), and other times the seller chooses to make the changes themselves.

Stage my home

By utilizing a professional and chosen stager (and taking advantage of their suggestions), a buyer will be truly impressed by your home when they enter, and your home can be one of the quick sell properties in the 83% range!!

When you sell your home with 8th & Home, we will provide a complimentary consultation with one of our amazing team of stagers and will guide you in all aspects of the process to ensure buyers have that same "WOW!" opinion of your home.