Leaving Well - Leesburg

This experience and journey is being shared today from one of our treasured 8th & Home friends, Heather Myklegard. Heather is the founder of Get Social Moxie  (you can find her on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn). Take it away, Heather!


Heather Myklegard Photo Credit- Alimond Photography


This spring our family of 5 decided to make a lifestyle change and move from the quiet town of Leesburg into the city of North Arlington. It was a tough decision and one we did not make lightly. Arlington was very appealing to us as it offered a friendly community vibe within minutes of downtown DC. It cut my husband's commute time by 2 hours a day and offered several more options as far as schools for our 3 boys. After several months of research, and driving back and forth, we decided that now was the time to make our move. We were lucky and found a wonderful house in Arlington on a street full of children and just minutes from the metro.

Heather Myklegard


However, we soon discovered that the hardest days were ahead of us. Leaving a city that you love and have grown so familiar with can be very challenging. On one of my hardest days, Naomi explained the term, “leaving well”:

Leaving a place that you don’t have to leave, but choose to for your own reasons, can sometimes be much harder than being forced to leave a place - because of a new job, etc. It is an important part of the transition when moving, to leave well. You’re making an intentional choice to change your lifestyle and restructure your mornings, your weekends, your everything … and that’s exciting, but it doesn’t mean it’s not sad to leave the choices you have been living in/with. Leaving well is the art of moving on from a place with intention and joy.

It made total sense. I cried off and on for several weeks, struggling with the realization that I was choosing to soon be gone from this wonderful little town that I had grown to love and cherish.

So, for the last month of our stay in Leesburg we made a list of all the things we had enjoyed doing during the 4 years that we had lived in Loudoun County. Here are ten things we did before saying good bye and heading east.

Great Country Farms

This was one of our favorite places, especially when the boys were little. There is a big bounce pillow, a petting zoo, miniature golf, big slides, and a wonderful Pumpkin Festival in the fall. But the best thing about Great Country Farms is their apple cider donuts. Trust me. They are worth the drive.

Great Country Farms

Mom's Apple Pie

Mom’s Apple Pie was the very first place we stopped when we drove into Leesburg for the first time 4 years ago. It was the first landmark that made me think we had picked the right town. Their raspberry-peach crumb pie is amazing and you must try their sugar cookies. Even if you are over the age of eight years old!

Mom's Apple Pie


Passion Fin in Ashburn

We love sushi and have had it all over the country. Passion Fin is definitely one of the best sushi restaurants we have been to. Passion Fin offers great service and fresh, quality fish. They also have a Koi pond in the front that is a favorite among our boys.


Passion Fin

Ida Lee

One last dip at outdoor Ida Lee ... Oh, Ida Lee. The heart of Leesburg. The AV Symington Aquatic Center was our pit stop every summer. The outdoor pool offers slides, lazy rivers, and great shaved ice.

Street Tacos at Senor Ramons

We were told there was a new taco shop in town so we hunted it down. Senor Ramons on Loudoun Street did NOT disappoint. We sat outside on the porch and walked over to The Cajun Experience for beignets afterwards.

Senor Ramon

King Street!

I love King Street in downtown Leesburg. It is the epitome of a small, historic town. I grabbed an iced coffee at Shoes and walked from store to store.

Loudoun County Fair

A. Sample Photography LLC

We are from Idaho so we KNOW fairs. The Loudoun County fair is the best fair I have ever been to. It sits among one of the prettiest parts of Loudoun County and has this amazing small-town feel. They have camel rides, petting zoo, and a demolition derby. We may have to drive back to Loudoun County for this next year!

George C. Marshall House

We walked from our house to downtown and looked at all of our favorite old houses on Edwards Ferry and downtown- When the boys were still in the stroller, we would walk from our house to downtown via Edwards Ferry and look at all of the old houses. The old houses are one thing I am really going to miss about Leesburg. I love seeing the history and how well the homeowners have preserved them over the years.

Heather Myklegard

Family Night at Chic Fil-A, Leesburg

Every Tuesday night the Chic Fil-A in Leesburg has a family night. They offer arts and crafts for kids and with the indoor play area, it is a great time for mom and dad to enjoy a semi quiet dinner. The staff at CFA are world-class. We are really going to miss CFA.

Shoes Secret Garden

Go for lunch! You may not know this, but behind the Shoes Coffee is a “secret garden”. Shoes has a back patio with a full lunch and dinner menu. They offer live music and bocce ball too. Great for the whole family or a night out with your partner. The ice cream is pretty good too!


As I write this, I realize that I do not have to say goodbye forever. We are only 41 miles away and can go back and visit some of our favorite places in Leesburg any time we want. If you are new to the area, or are looking for something to do in Loudoun County, I hope this offers you some fun ideas.

Heather Myklegard


Leesburg truly is a hidden treasure and I feel so fortunate that I was able to experience life there with my children. Leesburg will always hold a special place in our hearts.

~ Heather

Farmers Market in Lucketts

Each spring, locals in Lucketts rejoice and delight as the season begins for Farmers Markets in Lucketts! Recently opened, the multiple farmers markets in the Lucketts area offer bountiful and diverse offerings.

Farmers Market Lucketts
Photo Credit: Veeterzy

No matter what you’re in the “market” for, the Farmers Markets in Lucketts have you covered!

Farmers Markets in Lucketts

Brossman's Farm Stand

14740 James Monroe Hwy, Leesburg VA
(703) 777-4432
Hours: 9AM-7PM
Brossman’s is a family-owned farm located on Route 15 outside Leesburg, Virginia. Open for business since 2005, the farm stand continues to expand and increase their offerings. From produce to garden plants, ice cream, fresh eggs and more, Brossman's also offers Jules' BBQ on the weekends, Christmas trees in the winter and more!

Farmer Johns

15520 James Monroe Hwy, Leesburg, VA 20176
(703) 771-8982
Hours: 8AM - 8:30PM
At Farmer John's, daily picking ensures that you are purchasing the very freshest produce available. Famous for their sweet corn, tree ripened peaches, vine ripened tomatoes and Sugar Baby watermelons - but don't miss their hot peppers and delicious pies!

Loudounberry Farm & Garden

14917 James Monroe Hwy, Leesburg, VA 20176
(703) 772-8104
Hours: 9AM - 6PM
At Brossman's, another true family-run farm, you'll find locally sourced goodness (jams, artisans items (soaps, hand turned spoons and candles), potato chips, honey and more) as well as fresh quail eggs, milk, garden supplies, fresh flowers and more!

Perhaps you’re also “in the market” for a new home! This gorgeous Sunnyside farm is located at 13717 James Monroe Hwy in Lucketts (Leesburg) is just around the corner from all of the Farmers Market locations in Lucketts! Sunnyside Farm — once featured as the Washington Post Home of the Week — has 25 acres overlooking Sugarloaf Mountain and combines the best of history with modern upgrades. With five bedrooms and three baths, the 4,700-square-foot home has a traditional fenced back yard, lush gardens, a lovely patio and wood porches. The completely renovated kitchen features granite countertops, upgraded appliances, and a custom made heart pine island with seating. The Family Room was originally a log cabin, and its working fireplace and custom designed bookcases make it a warm and welcoming space. Highlights of the property include a 1850s bank barn with water and electric, detached garage (water, electric and work area), historic blacksmith shop, 3 stall run-in shed with a tack room, a carriage shed, and a chicken house.



For more information about this amazing 5 bedroom, 3 bath farmhouse and 25 acre property just North of Leesburg in Lucketts, learn more about its offerings on the property website for 13717 James Monroe Hwy, Leesburg VA or call/text Naomi Hattaway at 571-482-7356.

Northern Virginia Holiday Lights 2015

Christmas light display Leesburg Is the lack of snow dampering your excitement for the season?  Is the unseasonably warm weather messing with your Ho-Ho-Holiday spirit?

Take some time this weekend to go out and see some lights in the Northern Virginia area! Get in the mood with some holiday tunes and go see the holiday lights display around town!

Lucketts Fire Station Santa

Some of our favorite:

Fairfax Christmas Lights ... or take a drive to the home near the junction of Elm Tree Lane and E. Juniper Avenue in Sterling (turn your radio station to 106.5fm to hear the accompanying music!)

The Bull Run Festival of Lights is another popular destination and the same home that got major attention at Halloween has done it up again for Christmas in Edwards Landing (visit the link for information on donations and hours of display)!

Legacy Park in Brambleton is another home run hit for beautiful lights and word on the street is that you also can't go wrong with the Purcellville Trolley Tours!

If you're in my neck of the woods in Lucketts, check out the beautiful home on Eagles Rest in Village Green, many homes in the Glynn Tara neighborhood and there is some fierce competition in the Town of Lovettsville amongst neighbors! Visit their website for the winning homes!  Pssst.  Eisentown Loop (part of Eisentown Drive) won the "BEST STREET award!

Our wishes to you and your loved ones for a magical holiday season!

Hope Farm Holiday Festival

Holiday Festival Hope Farm  

Hope Farm was purchased by Holly and Evan Chapple, long time Loudoun County residents, just this summer, and they have put a massive amount of love, effort and energy into preparing it for the public. This weekend is the time we've all been waiting for! Visit the manor house (built in the 1820s!), stone carriage house and the main barn during the amazing Holiday Festival December 5th & 6th, 2015!

Hope Farm Holiday Festival 2015

On display will be will be kissing balls, garlands, wreaths, centerpieces, mantle pieces, candles, lotion, ornaments and fabulous vendors. The lights have been hung and a massive 14 foot tree will be on display as well! 

Hope Farm will be joined by Fabbioli Cellars, Shawn Grove Wood Fired Pottery, K and S Pewter, Savoir Fare food truck, Jumbo Bottom Barrel furniture, jewelry and so much more.

Located just a few miles from where Holly resides in Lucketts with her family, Hope Farm is steeped in history and was once a working dairy farm. With a desire to expand her business, Holly Heider Chapple Flowers, Holly set on a course to find the perfect property for her new venture, with a mind towards creating a business to provide education, teaching and mentoring to fellow floral designers. Her dreams do not stop there, however and she envisions Hope Farm as being a sought after location for retreats, well known for their seasonal festivals as well as becoming a recognized destination for the creatives in Loudoun County to increase their impact and opportunities with workshops, shoots, farm-to-table dinners and more.

Hope Farm also provides flower therapy classes to the greater community and in honor of Holly's seven children, 7% of all proceeds from those classes are used to offer scholarship classes for seniors and troubled youth.


Business Spotlight: Comfenergy

  Comfenergy Logo

This week's business spotlight is on Comfenergy, a business co-owned by Justin Dobson. Justin recently won "Entrepreneur of the Year" from the Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce and we wanted to provide more information about Comfenergy to you!

What led you to create Comfenergy?

I started Comfenergy 4 years ago because there was a missing need in the HVAC/Comfort industry.  What people don't realize is there is more to home comfort than HVAC alone.  I owned a family HVAC business (still in operation today) and we kept having homeowners complain about comfort issues that could not be solved with HVAC.  The issues also involved duct work and/or insulation and air leakage issues.  Take a look at the "Comfort Triangle" image to show what I mean.

Comfort Triangle Comfenergy

What do you wish most homeowners knew about their home's efficiency (or lack thereof).

That HVAC makes hot air or cold air. That's it!!!  Nothing more, and nothing less.  So, if they have no AC or heat they need to call an HVAC company to make it work again.  BUT, if the AC or heating is working and they have any other comfort or energy complaint under the sun, they need to call a home performance contractor like Comfenergy to diagnose the problem and provide the solution.  I also wish homeowners wouldn't "self diagnose" the solution.  You wouldn't tell a doctor how to fix your painful elbow.  You would tell the doctor that your elbow hurts, and they would perform tests to determine how to fix that painful elbow.

Comfenergy Leaky Home Diagram

What is your 30 second elevator pitch to best explain Comfenergy's services to someone who has never heard about it previously?

Comfenergy is the leading home performance contractor in Northern VA. We concentrate on solving problems in your home like hot/cold spots, drafty areas, high/low humidity, cold floors, and hundreds of other issues. If your HVAC equipment is working and you have other complaints, call Comfenergy for a free in home diagnostic evaluation to determine why the issue exists, and what to do to fix it.

Why are you proud of being a Loudoun County business owner (and Chamber Member!)?

There are not many places in this country that have an economy like Loudoun County.  We shop local and support each other.  I have made a tremendous number of working relationships with other local business owners and we are all very willing to help each other out in any way.  It's a very unique place to live and work!

What are some of your favorite fellow Chamber Member's businesses in Loudoun County that you love to support?

I have tons of fellow Loudoun County businesses that we support.  From restaurants, home service businesses, non-profits, retail, farmers markets, and wineries to give a few examples.  There is really no need to leave Loudoun County to support a business....we have it all right here in our back yard!

Justin Dobson ComfenergyIf you had a Saturday morning with no obligations, how would you spend it in Loudoun County?

I would most likely sleep in a little.  Then, get up and work in the yard mowing, cutting wood, clearing fallen trees and branches.  Maybe in the afternoon go to a restaurant or winery and relax.


For more information on Comfenergy or to schedule your free no-obligation assessment of your home's energy audit, visit their website or call 1-844-478-4534.

Neighborhood Spotlight: Potomac Crossing

Neighborhood Spotlight Potomac Crossing Potomac Crossing is a combination of 914 single family homes and townhomes located on Battlefield Parkway in Leesburg Virginia. Amenities include 2.5 miles of paved foot paths, four tot lots, a pool, and a basketball court. A new playground at the intersection of Bluff Court and Garrison Court was completed during the Summer of 2015 and is accessible from the walking paths throughout the neighborhood.

Community Events are prevalent in Potomac Crossing including outdoor summer movie series, a community yard sale, an annual Turkey Trot and more!


Potomac Crossing is home to Ball's Bluff Battlefield Regional Park and covers some of the land on which a Civil War battle was fought between the Union and Confederate armies.

Ball's Bluff Elementary School services students in grades K-5. Students in grades six through eight attend Smart's Mill Middle School, located two miles away in the Exeter subdivision. and High School students attend Tuscarora High School.

Interested in making Potomac Crossing your new neighborhood?



Northern Virginia Fall Colors

We take a break from our normally scheduled blog posts to bring you Autumn in Northern Virginia! What a gorgeous time of year in Loudoun County and Fairfax County. I asked some of the ladies in my community in Western Loudoun County to share their fall foilage shots and they are so beautiful! Just for the fun of it, I'm also tagging in some of my favorite local businesses out in this area!

Melissa Rohrbach Montressor

Bridle Path Equine Therapy with Katie Fallon


Liza Jeantel Lucketts Rd and St. Clair

The Wandering Chef dinner delivery with Maria Aros & Wes Rosati

Sheri Knauer Lake Shadow

Expressive Photography Workshops with Julie McCarter

Sheri Knauer Dove Lane

Talula Bea Jewelry



Sheri Knauer Spinks Ferry Road Falconaire

Burke's WorkshopThe Soap Chef


Tina Weibe Freedom Center

Faith Like a Mustard Seed Farm

CarolynToohey Stumptown and Taylorstown

Fabbioli Cellars and Wines


Speaking of beautiful things, take a few minutes to learn about the gorgeous Sunnyside Farm in Loudoun County, on the market with 8th & Home. The visual storytelling about the history and heritage of this home and property was provided by Jay Smith of Cavus Media and the results are stunning!


Interested in other properties available in Loudoun County?

[idx-listings city="Leesburg" minprice="300000" maxprice="1500000" statuses="1" propertytypes="132,134,137,138" orderby="DateAdded" orderdir="DESC" count="10" showlargerphotos="true"]

Trinity House Cafe

One of our favorite places in Leesburg, Virginia is the Trinity House Cafe! If you need a spot for networking, coworking, a great coffee, awesome lunch, live music on the weekends or even a happy hour glass of wine, Trinity House Cafe is YOUR place to be! We caught up recently with Ever Johnson, the owner of Trinity House Cafe and asked for a quick Q&A about how the business came to be!


What is the "behind the scenes" story about how Trinity House Cafe came to be?

My husband and I started a non-profit called the John Paul II Fellowship in 2006. Our mission is to renew community and culture. We did lots of events in parish halls, but really wanted to be in public. So, we came up with this idea of a café – my family was in the restaurant business.

Trinity House Cafe logo


If the sky was the limit with your business, what do you envision happening?

I would love to see a national network of Trinity Houses, but now that I know how hard it is to run one, it is hard to imagine!


You run some amazing workshops at Trinity House Cafe. What motivates you to create and share these workshops?

Our common culture is made up of consumerism and superficial entertainment. We would love to see people return to more creative pursuits – crafts, fine arts, music, gardening, cooking – as a way to spend their leisure time. So, our workshops are designed to encourage that creativity as we try to renew our culture.


What is your go to place in the Leesburg area to visit, or tell others about?

I love historic homes, so maybe Oatlands or Morven Park.

Trinity House Cafe

What are your favorite ways to give back to others - whether in your community or on a larger scale?

Trinity House Cafe is a non-profit, and it is definitely my favorite way to give back! I encounter every kind of need imaginable there, so there’s always an opportunity to serve. I’m also a mom of five young kids, so trying to raise them right is a way to give back too.


What has been your biggest surprise as you've developed the Trinity House Cafe business?

I often used to think I was at my limits with raising five kids. I’m surprised that I can also work a full-time job and not die from exhaustion. I am definitely unsustainably busy, but it is surprising what moms can endure when they feel called!


What is your favorite item on the menu?

Oh, I have so many favorites! I love the Don Bosco, a tea latte. And I love the smoked salmon bagel, the curried chicken salad, and the beets and goat cheese salad to name a few.

Trinity House Cafe

What motivates you and the rest of the Trinity House Cafe team?

We are motivated by the great need we see for community and culture that accords with human dignity. People deserve that!


For more information about Trinity House Cafe, visit their website OR stop in and sit a spell!  P.S. Email us for some secret tips on parking locations when you visit!

101 East Market Street

Leesburg, VA 20176



Sun-Mon: 8-4; Tue-Sat: 8-9

Lucketts Fair 2015 Artisans and Vendors

  Lucketts Virginia Summer Series 8th and Home

It is almost time to wrap up our Lucketts Summer Series! This next post is a doozy, filled with some of our FAVORITE vendors and artisans who will be showcasing their talent at this weekend's Lucketts Fair! Will you be there? Stop by and say hello! Some members of our team will be at the Lucketts Elementary PTA Booth selling some AMAZING hand churned ice cream!


I am sea glass jewelry Talula Bea

Talula Bea Designs, Laurien Dowdy (read our post about her amazing creations) is the creator of unique and one-of-a-kind jewelry, and also the artist behind the "i am" pendant. A true labor of love, this piece was created using 3D imaging in the true organic shape of sea glass. Encouraging its owners to wear the piece close to their hearts, the raised letters “i am” allow the wearer to focus on the strength already inside them on a regular basis. Not all jewelry is interactive, or becomes a part of one’s daily routine, but we believe this Talula Bea Sea Glass jewelry DOES have a message and a purpose.


Swirladelic, John Bailey is a Harper's Ferry WV resident that has QUITE the amazing business! Swirladelic Lucketts Fair They say: “We have a tray of liquid; it’s a bit thicker than water. You drop paint on that, and with a stick, you can make designs — hearts, flowers or swirl it for something surreal and abstract.” After the liquid is prepared, a silk scarf is place on top of the liquid. “It’s really just a kind of print making,” Bailey said. “It’s fast, though. It only takes about 5 to 10 minutes to make a scarf.”


Wikiwood Naturals - A small family owned business located in Springfield, Virginia, the Blevins were inspired by a surprise romantic camping trip in 2012.  Sitting around the camp fire, roasting marshmallows, and listening to the relaxing sound of the bonfire crackling, motivated them to bring that same relaxing feeling, aroma and atmosphere to our home and they have re-created that same atmosphere when we burn our candles.

Polish Potter Lucketts FairTwins Polish Pottery - a little known fact about Jenny Puckett and Holly Trevino, the twins behind this beautiful polish pottery, their husbands built a "twin plex" where both families reside, and the sisters did all of the design work! They operate their business in the rolling pastures and vineyards of eastern Frederick County.



With You In Mind, Joette Dorosheff creates stunning wreaths made of natural materials. This artistic display will be a focal point of your decor. The wreath is created on a wire frame from pinecones, nuts and pods. This unique design will be a year round cherished feature of your home or office.


Back to Basiks Lucketts FairBack to the Basiks - What began as a single spice blend given to friends as a Christmas gift, has grown into a blooming business. The company was started by Anne Shomberg and Heidi Basik in 2008 out of a love for cooking and sharing food with others. Over a short period of time, the two moms were successfully selling Basiks Spice Blends to stores and restaurants around the U.S. They traveled across the country introducing people to their all natural spice blends at trade shows, women’s events, and craft fairs. f


The Larkin Tea Company was founded in 2001 with an initial focus on educational programs. Over the years, their high-quality loose leaf teas has become an important part of business from a sales perspective! Both Bill and Judy are certified tea specialists. Their teas are sourced from all over the globe. She says “We buy in small quantities to ensure the tea you purchase is as fresh as possible and hasn’t been sitting on the shelf for months. It is for that same reason we don’t carry a huge selection of teas.”


Sequoia Springs was started by Lorraine McConnell, an Interior Designer and is a line of luxury-inspired, pillows and throws continue to be popular to those seeking distinctive, beautiful, and wonderfully functional accessories for their home. In 2002, Lorraine's husband, Jamie, joined the business and they have expanded to include accessories that integrate the beauty of nature, using as many natural materials as possible including feathers (to pay homage to Jamie's love of fly fishing!)


Falling Bark Farm LLC - Syrup produced in small batches from select hickory bark and still involves the tradition of foraging and WILDCRAFTING in the Virginia forests.  Bark from the shagbark hickory tree is shed naturally, so the tree is not harmed during the process.


Shenandoah Crafts - John and Karin Tipton offer sewing crafts, needlework and painted crafts and refinish furniture. Staunton, VA. 540-280-5519, Fabric and Woodwork

Nola Watkins Collection - produces high quality hand-painted ceramic christmas ornaments, herb and flower pots, and many other fine gifts.


Gypsy Hill offers amazing rubs and spices! Margaret O'Neill says “We have always had some herbs and then about 10 years ago we took what had been our flower beds and my husband, when would find an unusual plant or herb, would start planting,” and because there are only a few herbs they can sell fresh, the O'Neill's dehydrate them with their dehydrating machine to sell later.


Designs by Grace, Grace Rochford is a stay at home mom of three, with a love for Early American History, which led her being making colonial american floorcloths.

Wood Eye Wood Products, Keith Schoonover operates this Frederick County based full service sawmill providing quality lumber and wood products from local, sustainably harvested or salvaged timber. The Sawmill also facilitates custom processing of logs into usable furniture products. Each of Keith’s pieces is a one of a kind by its very nature; no two custom wood-workings can be the same.

Rennaissance Lavender - Marianne Weitzel wanted a new challenge and began growing lavender on her farm in Virginia. The intoxicating scents and healing properties of lavender along with other botanicals have generated many popular products that will be at the Lucketts Fair.


The Lucketts Fair

42361 Lucketts Road, Leesburg VA

August 15-16, 2015 | 9 am-5 pm

Rain or Shine | $5. Children under 6 years old are free

Parking provided by the Lucketts Ruritan Club

Ready to search for your home in Leesburg/Lucketts, Virginia?

Map search here

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Leesburg Animal Park

Looking for something to do in or near Leesburg, Virginia? Look no further than the Leesburg Animal Park! Leesburg Animal Park 8th and Home

Leesburg Animal Park offers 21 acres of animal petting opportunities, pony rides, wagon rides. They even schedule hourly live animal encounters. Some of the animals include llamas, alpacas, donkeys and cows. The ability to feed the goats and sheep was a great activity for my kiddos, even the middle schooler enjoyed it!

Leesburg Animal Park 8th and Home

Pack a picnic and don't forget to visit Lemur Island, which is tucked back away on the far end of the property. Another enjoyable activity is the horse wagon ride, which allows you to meet even more of the animals!

Leesburg Animal Park 8th and Home

19270 Monroe-Madison Memorial Hwy
Leesburg, VA 20175

Historic Garden Week in Virginia

Historic Garden Week in Virginia is just around the corner, and you won't want to miss this! Garden Week Leesburg

The Leesburg Garden Club is hosting a garden walk tour this year that begins at The George C. Marshall House in Leesburg and finishes with a drive to tour historic Rokeby (where the Declaration of Independence was kept during the burning of Washington in 1814!), Oatlands Plantation and the Gardens of Little Oatlands. What a gorgeous way to spend a weekend.

Historic Leesburg boasts some pretty amazing homes and we can't think of a better time to enjoy the beauty of the architecture and preserved history than to come visit, take the tour and enjoy all that Leesburg has to offer!

April 18-25, 2015

Tour ticket prices vary by location and range from $15 to $50 per tour.

Discounted advance tour tickets maybe be purchased online, or at local outlets.

No smoking

No pets

Please wear flat walking shoes

No photography inside the homes

Children 17 or under must be accompanied by an adult

All proceeds from ticket sales benefit the restoration projects of historic sites and gardens in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Irene's Prom Closet

Meet Irene Picota.  

Irene Picota Leesburg

Irene, a Leesburg resident, was born on September 20, 1989 and sadly passed away on November 22, 2013 during a routine surgery. I spoke with Irene's aunt recently and she spoke so highly of Irene and all of the things she planned to do with her life! Irene was planning to be a child psychologist as she had a tremendous heart for kids. Her aunt and I talked for over 30 minutes and at the end of our conversation, I felt I knew Irene personally because of how she was described to me: heart full of gold, the life of the party, always cheering people up and offering a huge smile and a hug.

In her memory, her mother and aunt have created Irene's Prom Closet, an extension of Irene's love for others. Continuing her mission to help as many people as possible, Irene's Prom Closet collects prom dresses and dress shirts (among other things, shoes, bags, jewelry, etc.) to allow teenagers in the Leesburg, Virginia area to attend homecoming or prom, when they might not otherwise be able to, due to the clothing being cost-prohibitive.

Prom is just around the corner, and they are accepting donations! Even if you don't have dress shirts or prom dresses readily available in your own closet, take a look at those fancy shoes collecting dust, or maybe some costume jewelry that you haven't worn in years. My daughter and I will be taking advantage of some of the amazing thrift shops in the area and will be shopping for some items to donate.

How can YOU help?

Irene's Prom Closet welcomes donations of age-appropriate formal dresses in all sizes, especially small (0-4) and large sizes (16-30+).  No business wear or everyday clothing please.

What's hot

Current styles, less than 5 years old, just like you see in the stores, items that are clean and ready to wear, shoes to coordinate with the gowns, costume jewelry, small, dressy purses, and handbags. Also, don't forget about the guys! Dress shirts are also welcome and needed, as well as shoes, boys jackets and shirts, ties, cuffs. ALSO accepted: mani/pedi gift cards, haircut/styling gift cards, photo sessions, make up sessions gift cards, etc.

What's not

Clothing items with stains, rips, holes, tears and pulls gowns that are old or outdated (older than 5 years) business suits, wedding gowns, pant suits, sun dresses, and undergarments.

Find Irene's Prom Closet on Facebook or get in touch with the phone number or email below.


Irene's Prom Closet Leesburg Virginia

Leesburg Virginia


Located 33 miles west-northwest of Washington D.C., Leesburg is a historic town in Loudoun County, Virginia. Leesburg is no longer a small, rural town and is now known as a suburban bedroom community for commuters to Washington D.C. as well as local business owners.

Leesburg Virginia 8th and Home
Beginning in the late 1730s, European settlement made its way into the area and included some of the First Families of Virginia, the Carters, Lees and Masons. During the War of 1812, Leesburg served as a temporary haven for the United States Government and its archives (including the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution) after being forced to flee the Capitol by the British Army. When reconstruction began on the Capitol in 1815, years after the great fire, marble was used from quarries just south of Leesburg.

At least 63 historic markers are located in and near Leesburg, and contains locations which account for 21 entries on the National Register of Historic Places, including:

  • Dodona Manor, the early 19th century home of George C. Marshall, a general and diplomat who received the Nobel Peace Prize.
  • Morven Park, the estate of Virginia Governor Westmoreland Davis.
  • Oatlands Plantation, a National Historic Landmark.
  • White's Ferry, the only ferry across the Potomac River, has its Virginia terminus just outside the town. It is a cable-guided car and passenger ferry. A ferry has plied the river from this site since 1828.
  • Exeter Plantation.


Census estimates as of July 1, 2013, showed the population of Leesburg at 47,673 people. Leesburg currently has three public high schools operated by the Loudoun County Public School system; Loudoun County High School, Heritage High School, and Tuscarora High School. Leesburg is serviced by the Volunteer Fire Company, Volunteer Rescue Squad, both of which have partial staffing from the Loudoun County Department of Fire, Rescue and Emergency Management. Leesburg is also served by a town police department.


  • Ida Lee Park - Ida Lee Park was created in 1986 when a farm owned by the Rust family was donated to the Town of Leesburg. Containing 141 acres, the Rusts requested that the park be named in memory of Ida Lee to preserve the historic link between the Lee family of Virginia and the Town of Leesburg. Ida Lee Rust was the daughter of Edmund Jennings Lee, first cousin of Robert E. Lee. .
  • Washington & Old Dominion Railroad Trail - Hikers, bikers and joggers can travel in and through Leesburg on the trail, a 45-mile long rail trail constructed on the historic W&OD RR's right-of-way.
  • Red Rocks Wilderness Overlook Regional Park - Located in eastern Leesburg along the banks of the Potomac River, the park contains 67 acres of woodlands and over 2 miles of trails leading to bluffs along the river. 
  • The Rust Manor House and Nature Sanctuary - Located at the foot of Catoctin Mountain, the sanctuary contains a mansion and a nature reserve.


  • Leesburg's Flower and Garden Festival - Held annually in April in the Historic District, the event includes garden displays, vendors and entertainment.
  • Fourth of July Celebration - Events include a morning parade, a festival at Ida Lee Park and evening fireworks.
  • Leesburg's Annual Classic Car Show held annually during the summer. This event features dozens of classic cars and hot rods on display in the streets of downtown Leesburg as well as music and food.
  • August Court and Market Days - Held in August in the Historic District, the focus of this event is to recognize Leesburg's cultural heritage.
  • First Fridays - Art, music and food held on the First Friday of the month in historic downtown.
  • Halloween Parade - Said to be the longest-running Halloween parade east of the Mississippi River, the parade includes marching bands from the local high schools, floats made by local businesses, Scout troops and families, etc.

Information Credit: Wiki Travel