Best blueberry picking in Loudoun County

July 10th is National Pick Blueberries Day and we think it's only fitting that we share a little secret with you. Ready? Put your ear close to your screen ... the best blueberry picking in Loudoun County, Virginia is ... pick blueberries day


Eagletree Blueberry Farm !!!!!

Eagletree Blueberry Farm is owned by a local Lucketts family and has row upon row of beautiful blueberry bushes. Once you've parked your car, grab a bucket and get to picking! Eagletree Blueberry Farm is -- hands down --- the best blueberry picking opportunity in Loudoun County!


Their blueberries are so scrumptious that even the July 2016 tasting menu for Fabbioli Cellars is featuring their ripe and tasty blueberries!

Fabbioli Cellars Eagletree Blueberries


Open 10-5pm daily until the blueberries are gone ...

15126 Harrison Hill Ln, Leesburg (Lucketts)


Farmers Market in Lucketts

Each spring, locals in Lucketts rejoice and delight as the season begins for Farmers Markets in Lucketts! Recently opened, the multiple farmers markets in the Lucketts area offer bountiful and diverse offerings.

Farmers Market Lucketts
Photo Credit: Veeterzy

No matter what you’re in the “market” for, the Farmers Markets in Lucketts have you covered!

Farmers Markets in Lucketts

Brossman's Farm Stand

14740 James Monroe Hwy, Leesburg VA
(703) 777-4432
Hours: 9AM-7PM
Brossman’s is a family-owned farm located on Route 15 outside Leesburg, Virginia. Open for business since 2005, the farm stand continues to expand and increase their offerings. From produce to garden plants, ice cream, fresh eggs and more, Brossman's also offers Jules' BBQ on the weekends, Christmas trees in the winter and more!

Farmer Johns

15520 James Monroe Hwy, Leesburg, VA 20176
(703) 771-8982
Hours: 8AM - 8:30PM
At Farmer John's, daily picking ensures that you are purchasing the very freshest produce available. Famous for their sweet corn, tree ripened peaches, vine ripened tomatoes and Sugar Baby watermelons - but don't miss their hot peppers and delicious pies!

Loudounberry Farm & Garden

14917 James Monroe Hwy, Leesburg, VA 20176
(703) 772-8104
Hours: 9AM - 6PM
At Brossman's, another true family-run farm, you'll find locally sourced goodness (jams, artisans items (soaps, hand turned spoons and candles), potato chips, honey and more) as well as fresh quail eggs, milk, garden supplies, fresh flowers and more!

Perhaps you’re also “in the market” for a new home! This gorgeous Sunnyside farm is located at 13717 James Monroe Hwy in Lucketts (Leesburg) is just around the corner from all of the Farmers Market locations in Lucketts! Sunnyside Farm — once featured as the Washington Post Home of the Week — has 25 acres overlooking Sugarloaf Mountain and combines the best of history with modern upgrades. With five bedrooms and three baths, the 4,700-square-foot home has a traditional fenced back yard, lush gardens, a lovely patio and wood porches. The completely renovated kitchen features granite countertops, upgraded appliances, and a custom made heart pine island with seating. The Family Room was originally a log cabin, and its working fireplace and custom designed bookcases make it a warm and welcoming space. Highlights of the property include a 1850s bank barn with water and electric, detached garage (water, electric and work area), historic blacksmith shop, 3 stall run-in shed with a tack room, a carriage shed, and a chicken house.



For more information about this amazing 5 bedroom, 3 bath farmhouse and 25 acre property just North of Leesburg in Lucketts, learn more about its offerings on the property website for 13717 James Monroe Hwy, Leesburg VA or call/text Naomi Hattaway at 571-482-7356.

Shawn Grove Wood Fired Pottery

Shawn Grove Wood Fired Pottery A craft that began thousands of years ago simply as a functional way to store food and water, pottery quickly became a true art form in all of the major civilizations of the ancient world.  The tradition continues to this day right here in our own community with local potter Shawn M. Grove.

Shawn Grove Wood Fired Pottery

Nestled in the woods on the outskirts of the Village of Lucketts is where you will find the large wood-fired kiln, workshop, and gallery of local potter Shawn Grove, just behind his centuries-old farmhouse that he shares with his wife, Rebecca, and children.

“I came out here to be a part of this community. Historically, potters settled in a town and became the local potter.”

Shawn Grove Wood Fired Pottery

A local high school art teacher by day, Shawn first began gravitating towards pottery during his college years.  Specifically, pottery provides “a little celebration that people can interact with,” Shawn explains.  He also enjoys the use of raw natural elements to create his art:  Earth, water, wind and fire.

Shawn Grove Wood Fired Pottery

Shawn has studied the history, styles and techniques of pottery from different cultural origins, providing a heavy influence in his own works from England, Germany, Korea, and Japan.  This is one of the reasons Shawn’s style of pottery is more traditional and organic in nature.  No electric or gas-fired kilns are used.  Instead, Shawn built a large, traditional brick, wood-fired kiln in his backyard with the help of his friend Brian Mattrow beginning back in 2002.

Shawn Grove Wood Fired Pottery

Shawn’s production process is done in two stages, seasonally:  First is the actual “throwing” or “turning” of the pots.  This is where the raw clay is sculpted on a potter’s wheel and then set aside to air dry.  Different types of glazes can be added, too.  Shawn usually spends the winter and summer months in this phase—turning the pottery and stock piling them for the second stage which is “firing.”

Shawn Grove Wood Fired Pottery

The firing process is done usually only two times a year, sometimes three, due to the large amount of time that it takes—about 36 hours!  Shawn typically holds a firing in his kiln in the spring and autumn, firing all of the pieces that he has “turned” during the previous season.

A firing starts early in the morning on a Saturday and usually ends mid-afternoon on a Sunday.  Shawn enlists the aid of his friends or other local potters.  First, the wood-fired kiln must be pre-heated for 10 hours.  The kiln, packed full with around 180 pieces of pottery, is closed off by bricks and allowed to sit for many hours with temperatures sometimes getting as high as 2,500 degrees.  Finally, the pottery sits inside the kiln to cool down for about a day and a half.

Shawn Grove Wood Fired Pottery

Shawn invites you to visit his studio and gallery open this weekend, December 12th and 13th, located at 41718 Browns Farm Lane, Leesburg, VA 20176, or you may call for an appointment:  703-477-7021.

Shawn Grove Wood Fired Pottery

Shawn’s works are also displayed and available for sale locally at the Waterford Corner Store in the Village of Waterford.  Says Shawn, “That’s a good fit.  The money they make goes straight to the Waterford Foundation,” which helps to preserve the village, registered as a National Historic Landmark.

Northern Virginia Fall Colors

We take a break from our normally scheduled blog posts to bring you Autumn in Northern Virginia! What a gorgeous time of year in Loudoun County and Fairfax County. I asked some of the ladies in my community in Western Loudoun County to share their fall foilage shots and they are so beautiful! Just for the fun of it, I'm also tagging in some of my favorite local businesses out in this area!

Melissa Rohrbach Montressor

Bridle Path Equine Therapy with Katie Fallon


Liza Jeantel Lucketts Rd and St. Clair

The Wandering Chef dinner delivery with Maria Aros & Wes Rosati

Sheri Knauer Lake Shadow

Expressive Photography Workshops with Julie McCarter

Sheri Knauer Dove Lane

Talula Bea Jewelry



Sheri Knauer Spinks Ferry Road Falconaire

Burke's WorkshopThe Soap Chef


Tina Weibe Freedom Center

Faith Like a Mustard Seed Farm

CarolynToohey Stumptown and Taylorstown

Fabbioli Cellars and Wines


Speaking of beautiful things, take a few minutes to learn about the gorgeous Sunnyside Farm in Loudoun County, on the market with 8th & Home. The visual storytelling about the history and heritage of this home and property was provided by Jay Smith of Cavus Media and the results are stunning!


Interested in other properties available in Loudoun County?

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Lucketts Fair 2015 Artisans and Vendors

  Lucketts Virginia Summer Series 8th and Home

It is almost time to wrap up our Lucketts Summer Series! This next post is a doozy, filled with some of our FAVORITE vendors and artisans who will be showcasing their talent at this weekend's Lucketts Fair! Will you be there? Stop by and say hello! Some members of our team will be at the Lucketts Elementary PTA Booth selling some AMAZING hand churned ice cream!


I am sea glass jewelry Talula Bea

Talula Bea Designs, Laurien Dowdy (read our post about her amazing creations) is the creator of unique and one-of-a-kind jewelry, and also the artist behind the "i am" pendant. A true labor of love, this piece was created using 3D imaging in the true organic shape of sea glass. Encouraging its owners to wear the piece close to their hearts, the raised letters “i am” allow the wearer to focus on the strength already inside them on a regular basis. Not all jewelry is interactive, or becomes a part of one’s daily routine, but we believe this Talula Bea Sea Glass jewelry DOES have a message and a purpose.


Swirladelic, John Bailey is a Harper's Ferry WV resident that has QUITE the amazing business! Swirladelic Lucketts Fair They say: “We have a tray of liquid; it’s a bit thicker than water. You drop paint on that, and with a stick, you can make designs — hearts, flowers or swirl it for something surreal and abstract.” After the liquid is prepared, a silk scarf is place on top of the liquid. “It’s really just a kind of print making,” Bailey said. “It’s fast, though. It only takes about 5 to 10 minutes to make a scarf.”


Wikiwood Naturals - A small family owned business located in Springfield, Virginia, the Blevins were inspired by a surprise romantic camping trip in 2012.  Sitting around the camp fire, roasting marshmallows, and listening to the relaxing sound of the bonfire crackling, motivated them to bring that same relaxing feeling, aroma and atmosphere to our home and they have re-created that same atmosphere when we burn our candles.

Polish Potter Lucketts FairTwins Polish Pottery - a little known fact about Jenny Puckett and Holly Trevino, the twins behind this beautiful polish pottery, their husbands built a "twin plex" where both families reside, and the sisters did all of the design work! They operate their business in the rolling pastures and vineyards of eastern Frederick County.



With You In Mind, Joette Dorosheff creates stunning wreaths made of natural materials. This artistic display will be a focal point of your decor. The wreath is created on a wire frame from pinecones, nuts and pods. This unique design will be a year round cherished feature of your home or office.


Back to Basiks Lucketts FairBack to the Basiks - What began as a single spice blend given to friends as a Christmas gift, has grown into a blooming business. The company was started by Anne Shomberg and Heidi Basik in 2008 out of a love for cooking and sharing food with others. Over a short period of time, the two moms were successfully selling Basiks Spice Blends to stores and restaurants around the U.S. They traveled across the country introducing people to their all natural spice blends at trade shows, women’s events, and craft fairs. f


The Larkin Tea Company was founded in 2001 with an initial focus on educational programs. Over the years, their high-quality loose leaf teas has become an important part of business from a sales perspective! Both Bill and Judy are certified tea specialists. Their teas are sourced from all over the globe. She says “We buy in small quantities to ensure the tea you purchase is as fresh as possible and hasn’t been sitting on the shelf for months. It is for that same reason we don’t carry a huge selection of teas.”


Sequoia Springs was started by Lorraine McConnell, an Interior Designer and is a line of luxury-inspired, pillows and throws continue to be popular to those seeking distinctive, beautiful, and wonderfully functional accessories for their home. In 2002, Lorraine's husband, Jamie, joined the business and they have expanded to include accessories that integrate the beauty of nature, using as many natural materials as possible including feathers (to pay homage to Jamie's love of fly fishing!)


Falling Bark Farm LLC - Syrup produced in small batches from select hickory bark and still involves the tradition of foraging and WILDCRAFTING in the Virginia forests.  Bark from the shagbark hickory tree is shed naturally, so the tree is not harmed during the process.


Shenandoah Crafts - John and Karin Tipton offer sewing crafts, needlework and painted crafts and refinish furniture. Staunton, VA. 540-280-5519, Fabric and Woodwork

Nola Watkins Collection - produces high quality hand-painted ceramic christmas ornaments, herb and flower pots, and many other fine gifts.


Gypsy Hill offers amazing rubs and spices! Margaret O'Neill says “We have always had some herbs and then about 10 years ago we took what had been our flower beds and my husband, when would find an unusual plant or herb, would start planting,” and because there are only a few herbs they can sell fresh, the O'Neill's dehydrate them with their dehydrating machine to sell later.


Designs by Grace, Grace Rochford is a stay at home mom of three, with a love for Early American History, which led her being making colonial american floorcloths.

Wood Eye Wood Products, Keith Schoonover operates this Frederick County based full service sawmill providing quality lumber and wood products from local, sustainably harvested or salvaged timber. The Sawmill also facilitates custom processing of logs into usable furniture products. Each of Keith’s pieces is a one of a kind by its very nature; no two custom wood-workings can be the same.

Rennaissance Lavender - Marianne Weitzel wanted a new challenge and began growing lavender on her farm in Virginia. The intoxicating scents and healing properties of lavender along with other botanicals have generated many popular products that will be at the Lucketts Fair.


The Lucketts Fair

42361 Lucketts Road, Leesburg VA

August 15-16, 2015 | 9 am-5 pm

Rain or Shine | $5. Children under 6 years old are free

Parking provided by the Lucketts Ruritan Club

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Lucketts Elementary Meet the Principal

Meet the Principal Carolyn Clement Lucketts Elementary

If you are moving to a new home, one of the biggest concerns may very well be the schools your children will attend! We will be interviewing area principals in Loudoun County and allowing you to get to know them a bit! First up is Mrs. Carolyn Clement, the principal at Lucketts Elementary School.  We had some questions for her and here are her answers!

What is your background in the public schools?

I started my career in Loudoun as a speech/language pathologist.  I became a special education supervisor early on and then went back to work in the schools after about 5 years.  I became a school administrator about 10 years ago and have enjoyed every job that I've taken on.  I truly enjoy the collaboration among teachers, students and parents.  I just celebrated my 30th year as an educator in Loudoun.

Tell us a little bit about your own family?

My parents still live in Springfield, Va in the house in which I grew up.  My siblings are both educators: my brother is a Government and Economics teacher in Fairfax; my sister is a professor of math education at SDSU in San Diego. All of my kids are grown.  I have two step kids - daughter in San Francisco and son is local.  My daughter is in Blackburg and my son is in Boston.  They are all products of LCPS and I'm so proud of who they are.

Lucketts Elementary Logo

What is your LEAST favorite food and why?

I guess it would be clams, oysters and scallops - I'm deathly allergic to them.

What is your favorite color?

I like purple!  It's so warm and vibrant.

If you were given $100 as a "just because" gift, how would you spend it?

I try to give "surprise" money to JDRF.  I have a nephew who lives with Type 1 Diabetes and it's truly a difficult way to live.  Several years ago I started giving to that organization when I found "unexpected money", so I would probably do that.

Lucketts Elementary Boundary Map

Beach, Mountains, Lake or Big City?

That's a toughie.  I love to relax at the beach, but I also like the big city for all the things to do.  I guess it depends on who I'm with!

What did you want to be, as a little girl, when you grew up?

I wanted to be a teacher, always.  I played school and worked on my teaching skills early in life - with younger siblings as my guinea pig students.

What is one thing that very few people know about you?

Being Italian, I make home-made pasta (usually ravioli) at Thanksgiving time.

What is one thing that new parents to Lucketts Elementary can do to best prepare their children for their new school community?

Not just for parents at Lucketts Elementary but for all parents: Early on - from the time children are babies, Talk to them!  Talk with them about your day, talk with them about things they see and hear, talk with them about their day, during dinner, while you're driving, etc. As they get older, model reading for pleasure, reading to learn, and talk with them about what you read.  Show them how excited you are about what you read.

What is your MOST favorite school subject?

MATH!  I love math and always have!  I love seeing students make the connections and apply their math skills to daily life.

Mrs. Clement also would love for parents to know that as an administrator, she truly cares about what is happening for the students of Lucketts Elementary.  She says:

“I’m going to listen to them; that I listen and care about what they think. I care about what is happening for their student. My focus is going to be on the child. Sometimes, teachers or parents think they know what is best and it will be my job to make sure we are focusing on the child and not just worrying about our own feelings and our own beliefs. We’re really looking at what’s best for the child.  If parents know I’m listening to them and that I care about their child first, that’s the main thing.”

From her experiences at raising her own two children in Loudoun County Public Schools, she knows what it's like to be on the other side of the conversation with an administrator:

“I have had the situation where I’ve had to meet with the teacher and with the administrator about my children; I have that perspective. I know that when people work together, we can make sure the student is doing what they need to do and learn what they need to learn.”

Lucketts Elementary School Virginia

From the Great Schools website, some parent reviews of Lucketts Elementary:

Great Schools Lucketts Elementary

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Happy Hour with Hidden Brook Winery and Cured Food Truck

Mark your calendars for Thursday, August 20th from 5-7pm for a fantastic happy hour at Hidden Brook Winery in Lucketts, Virginia! Not only will there be wine tastings galore, but the Cured Food Truck will be on hand with their amazing menu to solve your "What's For Dinner" dilemma! (Attendees are also welcome to bring picnic dinners to dine with their families)

Lucketts Life Happy Hour 8th & Home


43301 Spinks Ferry Road Leesburg, Virginia 20176



Thursday, August 20th


Cured Food Truck 8th & Home Happy Hour Hidden Brook Winery


Cured Food Truck 8th & home

Stay tuned for the menu selection for that night, but to whet your appetite:

cured food truck menu

Hidden Brook Winery Lucketts Virginia


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Burke's Workshop

  Lucketts Virginia Summer Series 8th and Home

We are excited to feature local events, business, artisans and products in the Northern Virginia area over the coming months! This post continues the series highlighting Lucketts, Virginia! We look forward to sharing more about the communities, neighborhoods and offerings in each corner of Northern Virginia.

Meet Matthew Burke, the owner and founder of Burke's Workshop. Handmade in Lucketts, Virginia, Matthew creates each unique piece by first choosing different types of wood that complement each other and then pieces them together, one at a time. When creating the spoons (which are the personal favorite of the 8th & Home team) after the wood has been joined, the spoon shape is drawn on the larger block of wood and then hand carved.

Burke's Workshop Matthew Burke Lucketts Virginia


Burke's Workshop Matthew Burke Lucketts Virginia


What is the story behind Burke’s Workshop and how did it come to be?

I’ve always enjoyed doing woodworking—I used to make small wood boxes when I was 13 years old. When I turned 18 I became a carpenter for a small company for which I worked for 15 years. In 2013 we moved out to Lucketts and into our home in Village Green, there was enough space in the basement to build myself a workshop. I have been using the tools I have collected over the years and have slowly been working on selling pieces and building up my tool inventory.

If the sky was the limit with your business, what do you envision happening?

Having my products in shops. I of course wouldn’t quit my day job, but would love to see products in shops in the area and maybe even around the country.

Burke's Workshop Lucketts Virginia

Is there any technique that is intimidating to you?

The process of selling. I never know if what I made will be appreciated by others and I’m quite critical of my work, so I find it a bit nerve wracking to actually sell.

What is your FAVORITE way to spend a weekend morning?

Spending time with my wife in the morning then I usually head down to the workshop to prep projects for the day.

Burke's Workshop Lucketts Virginia

What is your go to place in the Leesburg / Lucketts area to visit, take visitors?

Mom’s Apple Pie is one of our favorite places to bring visitors and just stop in for weekend goodies.

What are your favorite ways to give back to others - whether in your community or on a larger scale?

When we can, we donate to charities and always try to help kids in the neighborhood with fund raisers for school and even the ones just for fun. Lucketts has been such a great place to live, so it’s easy to want to give back to the community.



Learn more about the beautiful items Matthew creates by visiting the Burke's Workshop Etsy page or visit (and LIKE!) his Facebook Page! These are one-of-a-kind pieces and the items listed on the Etsy site are first come, first served!




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Faith Like a Mustard Seed Farm


“Hey, Naomi? It’s Patricia from Faith Like a Mustard Seed Farm. I’m going to pick up 175 peeps (baby chicks) this morning, do you want to bring your daughter over to see them?”

Would we ever! My daughter and I spent nearly two hours that morning with Patricia, her own daughter and sister Laura – watching and holding the baby peeps, visiting and even received a fun introduction to Bullwinkle, their resident bull calf.

Credit Julie



Patricia Glaeser and her husband Carl have successfully married Carl’s knowledge of sustainable agriculture and animal husbandry with Patricia’s culinary expertise and created a thing of beauty at Faith Like a Mustard Seed Farm. But what does that actually mean? On their 26 acre working farm, they raise Jersey dairy cows and pasture heritage pork as well as GMO-free eggs .  In the market for grass-fed beef? Look no further as they also sell Loudoun County Angus beef from Oakland Green Farm in Lincoln, VA.


Lucketts Bed and Breakfast B&B

Patricia is a classically trained New York chef and is amazing to watch in action. Not only does she manage the farm, herd and milk the cows, assist with birthing and breeding, and all other aspects of running a farm, she also teaches cooking classes featuring locally grown ingredients and wines (they also sell the Big Green Egg line of charcoal grills/smokers). If you think that’s enough to keep her busy, add on the management of the cozy B&B (they also provide catering, host weddings and events, providing a distinctive Loudoun flavor).

They invite you to come have a cup of amazing Kona coffee in their store (which is wi-fi ready and a great place to co-work), milk a cow, pick up eggs, relax by the pond or learn how easy it is to inject amazing locally grown food into your family’s meal rotation! Faith Like a Mustard Seed Farm is run in such a manner that it feels that you ARE indeed part of the family.

As Patricia says, “it's all about finding your own happy” and it feels, that the Glaeser family is well on their way to finding it for themselves.

Bed and Breakfast pork beef lucketts leesburg viriginia



For more information about open hours, or to read about the rich history of the Faith Like a Mustard Seed Farm, the ice house and the old slave quarters, visit their website.


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