W & OD Trail

Washington and Old Dominion Trail (W & OD)

One of the most amazing "parks" in Northern Virginia, the Washington and Old Dominion Trail - often called "the skinniest park" is a commonly known as the W & OD Trail, a paved trail between Shirlington and Purcellville, Virginia.  Whether you are a runner, a bicyclist or a walker ... the 45-mile route along the former route of the Washington & Old Dominion Railroad (W & OD) is an amazing opportunity to get your move on.

W & OD Trail

W&OD Trail hours are from 5 a.m. to 9 p.m., from Shirlington in Arlington County.  The W&OD Trail offers 45 miles of paved trail with multiple access points with parking.

W&OD trail map 8th and Home Real Estate

We are somewhat partial to the Paeonian Springs area of the W & OD Trail (where the photo above was taken). Plan your bike or walk on the W & OD Trail to correspond with a stop to the nearby Vino 9 Market in Paeonian Springs. Looking to purchase a home in Paeonian Springs? We've got the skinny on some amazing homes on the market! Give us a call at 571-482-7356!