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  Lucketts Virginia Summer Series 8th and Home

We are excited to feature local events, business, artisans and products in the Northern Virginia area over the coming months! This post continues the series highlighting Lucketts, Virginia! We look forward to sharing more about the communities, neighborhoods and offerings in each corner of Northern Virginia.

Meet Matthew Burke, the owner and founder of Burke's Workshop. Handmade in Lucketts, Virginia, Matthew creates each unique piece by first choosing different types of wood that complement each other and then pieces them together, one at a time. When creating the spoons (which are the personal favorite of the 8th & Home team) after the wood has been joined, the spoon shape is drawn on the larger block of wood and then hand carved.

Burke's Workshop Matthew Burke Lucketts Virginia


Burke's Workshop Matthew Burke Lucketts Virginia


What is the story behind Burke’s Workshop and how did it come to be?

I’ve always enjoyed doing woodworking—I used to make small wood boxes when I was 13 years old. When I turned 18 I became a carpenter for a small company for which I worked for 15 years. In 2013 we moved out to Lucketts and into our home in Village Green, there was enough space in the basement to build myself a workshop. I have been using the tools I have collected over the years and have slowly been working on selling pieces and building up my tool inventory.

If the sky was the limit with your business, what do you envision happening?

Having my products in shops. I of course wouldn’t quit my day job, but would love to see products in shops in the area and maybe even around the country.

Burke's Workshop Lucketts Virginia

Is there any technique that is intimidating to you?

The process of selling. I never know if what I made will be appreciated by others and I’m quite critical of my work, so I find it a bit nerve wracking to actually sell.

What is your FAVORITE way to spend a weekend morning?

Spending time with my wife in the morning then I usually head down to the workshop to prep projects for the day.

Burke's Workshop Lucketts Virginia

What is your go to place in the Leesburg / Lucketts area to visit, take visitors?

Mom’s Apple Pie is one of our favorite places to bring visitors and just stop in for weekend goodies.

What are your favorite ways to give back to others - whether in your community or on a larger scale?

When we can, we donate to charities and always try to help kids in the neighborhood with fund raisers for school and even the ones just for fun. Lucketts has been such a great place to live, so it’s easy to want to give back to the community.



Learn more about the beautiful items Matthew creates by visiting the Burke's Workshop Etsy page or visit (and LIKE!) his Facebook Page! These are one-of-a-kind pieces and the items listed on the Etsy site are first come, first served!




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