Trinity House Café, Leesburg Virginia


One of the main reasons I moved to Leesburg was because of its small-town feel. I especially am fond of the downtown area and its quaint specialty stores, delicious bakeries, and charming coffee shops. Nothing against Starbucks (I do love a skinny vanilla latte every now and then when I’m on the run!) but there is something really special about taking the time to sit down at a local coffee joint, socialize with neighbors, and slowly sip coffee. The fact that the coffee comes steaming hot in an oversized mug with a heart drawn in the foam just makes the experience that much more pleasant!

IMG_20180802_134751 (1).jpg

Trinity House Café in downtown Leesburg is full of charm, and the moment you walk inside you can feel it. Next to the front entrance you will find shelves of used books on sale for just a dollar or two. I love the idea of walking in one rainy morning, purchasing a book, curling up in a corner and reading for hours! The two floors of the café offer an abundance of seating. Vintage church pews serve as bench seats, and there are adorable antique arm chairs and tables scattered around the seating areas. The café also has a large outdoor seating area, as well as a playroom filled with toys for small children. There’s definitely something for everyone!


The crowd at Trinity is diverse any given morning. There are lawyers from the courthouse across the street grabbing a quick bite on their break, mothers with their small children there for playdates or storytime, people attending business meetings or workshops, and of course friends catching up over breakfast or lunch. Trinity House Café is a great place to get to know other locals and keep abreast on local happenings. By the back entrance there’s a community bulletin board, and across from that there’s a large calendar announcing upcoming meetings and events.


Trinity House Café is one of my favorite coffee shops, so when Naomi asked where I would like to have our 8th & Home business meeting, it was a no brainer! I was able to satisfy my coffee fix, order the “Trondheim” for brunch (my favorite thing on their menu - bagel, cream cheese, smoked salmon, capers = YUM!), sit down, break out the laptop, and get to work! Naomi and I had a great time business planning and catching up, while sipping our favorite lattes. It was a gorgeous day- the perfect day to sit outside and chat for hours with my colleague and friend.


If you have never been to Trinity House Café, you MUST check it out. Let us know if you love it as much as we do!


For more information on Trinity House Café, check out this interview 8th & Home did with the owner in 2015: