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One of our favorite places in Leesburg, Virginia is the Trinity House Cafe! If you need a spot for networking, coworking, a great coffee, awesome lunch, live music on the weekends or even a happy hour glass of wine, Trinity House Cafe is YOUR place to be! We caught up recently with Ever Johnson, the owner of Trinity House Cafe and asked for a quick Q&A about how the business came to be!


What is the "behind the scenes" story about how Trinity House Cafe came to be?

My husband and I started a non-profit called the John Paul II Fellowship in 2006. Our mission is to renew community and culture. We did lots of events in parish halls, but really wanted to be in public. So, we came up with this idea of a café – my family was in the restaurant business.

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If the sky was the limit with your business, what do you envision happening?

I would love to see a national network of Trinity Houses, but now that I know how hard it is to run one, it is hard to imagine!


You run some amazing workshops at Trinity House Cafe. What motivates you to create and share these workshops?

Our common culture is made up of consumerism and superficial entertainment. We would love to see people return to more creative pursuits – crafts, fine arts, music, gardening, cooking – as a way to spend their leisure time. So, our workshops are designed to encourage that creativity as we try to renew our culture.


What is your go to place in the Leesburg area to visit, or tell others about?

I love historic homes, so maybe Oatlands or Morven Park.

Trinity House Cafe

What are your favorite ways to give back to others - whether in your community or on a larger scale?

Trinity House Cafe is a non-profit, and it is definitely my favorite way to give back! I encounter every kind of need imaginable there, so there’s always an opportunity to serve. I’m also a mom of five young kids, so trying to raise them right is a way to give back too.


What has been your biggest surprise as you've developed the Trinity House Cafe business?

I often used to think I was at my limits with raising five kids. I’m surprised that I can also work a full-time job and not die from exhaustion. I am definitely unsustainably busy, but it is surprising what moms can endure when they feel called!


What is your favorite item on the menu?

Oh, I have so many favorites! I love the Don Bosco, a tea latte. And I love the smoked salmon bagel, the curried chicken salad, and the beets and goat cheese salad to name a few.

Trinity House Cafe

What motivates you and the rest of the Trinity House Cafe team?

We are motivated by the great need we see for community and culture that accords with human dignity. People deserve that!


For more information about Trinity House Cafe, visit their website OR stop in and sit a spell!  P.S. Email us for some secret tips on parking locations when you visit!

101 East Market Street

Leesburg, VA 20176



Sun-Mon: 8-4; Tue-Sat: 8-9