What to expect when looking at homes

8th and home relocation and real estate When you begin looking at homes with your Realtor, here are some key tips and tricks that they may not think to share with you!

#1 - Do NOT rush through homes. No matter HOW tightly scheduled your showings are, insist on spending enough time at each home for YOUR comfort level. We like to plan for at least 30 minutes in each home to best get a feel for the home before heading off to the next.

#2 - Look at the neighbor's yards! Do they exhibit and display as similar set of values as yours when it comes to the care of their property?

#3 - Wear comfortable shoes AND bring socks in case a homeowner requests that you remove your shoes while you are looking at homes. Your own socks beat those awkward disposable booties any day!

#4 - You are totally allowed to look in every closet, behind the washing machine, and pull back curtains! STELLAR TIP: If you are curious whether there are hardwoods under the carpet, take a peek under the air vent.

#5 - If the seller is home, engage in polite conversation but don't allow the chit-chat to go too far. You may be tempted to ask 101 questions, but the less dialogue you have with the sellers, the better.

#6 - If you see items of concern during your tour, note them but don't lean too heavily on those items being deal breakers! You can put an offer in on your favorite home and deal with potential repair issues down the road during the due diligence time period!

#7 - If you like the home you've just seen, make time to revisit the neighborhood at night or at a time opposite of your initial showing. Pay attention to the happenings of your potential new street and make sure your initial impression matches what you see the second time.

#8 - If you see a neighbor outside, totally take advantage of that free information funnel and introduce yourselves! Ask questions about what happens on the weekends, and what they love the most about the neighborhood.


BONUS TIP: If you are going to be taking your own photos while looking at homes, take an introductory photo of the house numbers before going inside to help determine which photos belong to which home.

What tips would you add to this list?