8 Things I Wish I Knew About Being a Realtor

  8 things real estate Rodion Kutsaev


Ask ANY Realtor what their biggest source of frustration, largest pain point or major learning curve was as it relates to getting started in the business and you will hear multiple answers. There is no ONE thing every new real estate agent wishes they had known and as such, it makes it awfully impossible to make a bullet point list of how to best help new agents get started and ramped up in their careers.

I sat down recently to put together a list of what I wish I had known before I became a Realtor. I originally thought I would come up with eight items, but as you can see, the list grew quite quickly.

You need an actionable set of goals from DAY ONE. Without goals, you have nowhere to go.

That a career in real estate looks different for EVERY SINGLE Realtor.

That it takes money, quite a bit of money to get started.

That you MUST have a broker that is supportive and available.

You should surround yourself with people you trust to give you advice.

You should focus on personal development in a major way.

That you need a degree (pseudo) in psychology.

That there will be competition, and a LOT of it.

It will take more work to get started if you are new to your service area.

Older, more experienced agents are not necessarily better than you are.

The big brokerages are not necessarily better.

Relationships are everything.