Drink from the good life.


Established in 1890, Paeonian Springs was named after Paeon, the ancient Greek physician of the gods. An unconventional name for an area settled by the Germans, the Dutch, and the more-than-occasional farmer, Paeonian Springs sprung up from the wells beneath it. It got its start marketing its “medicinal” fresh spring water as a restorative for the dank, swampy summers of Washington, D.C.

The Fountain of Youth may not bubble up from the soil beneath Paeonian Springs, but those who call this village home know the invigorating effects of open skies, fresh air, and panoramic views of the sweeping Virginia landscape. Its historic buildings are a testament to age being only a number; when communities spring up around connected relationships and strong foundations, the good life is timeless.

Fun Facts

  • The Paeonian Springs Historic District encompasses 58 buildings, including a former school, water bottling plant, several houses, and the former public spring house.
  • The Paeonian Springs Company, a water bottling company owned by Theodore Milton, founded and managed the hotels and boarding houses for tourists from 1890 to 1920 and shipped gallons of its water to DC throughout the year.

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What You'll Love

The W&OD Railroad, which used to stop at the town eight times each day now connects Paeonian Springs to the entire length of the W&OD Trail, a 45-mile paved path that spans from Shirlington to Purcellville, Virginia. Explore Virginia on foot, on bicycle, or on horseback, and come back home the better for it. While you’re there, take a look at the Old Paeonian Springs Post Office as well!

Worth Noting

“The true beauty of Paeonian Springs is in its proximity. It is the quiet calm between the bustling communities of Leesburg and Purcellville and a natural respite from the District. You’ll always be able to find what you need within minutes, whether you want fine dining, a gallon of milk, or some tucked away time to yourself.” Naomi Hattaway




230 residents (and a few visitors)

distance to washington, d.c.

43 miles (33 miles to Beltway)

traffic patterns

Commutes to D.C. average a little over an hour in light to moderate traffic conditions. The Dulles Toll Road (267) is a popular option for $2.50 each way, which is why the Loudoun County Connector buses are often a great solution to a long commute; they are inexpensive, clean, offer free wifi and the ability to work as you go. Forty minutes away, the Dulles International Airport (IAD) offers a quick getaway for jet-setters.


Equidistant from Leesburg and Purcellville, Paeonian Springs students have access to several schools within the award-winning Loudoun County Public School System.

Community support

The Hamilton Volunteer Fire Department joins forces with the Purcellville Fire Department to serve Paeonian Springs, and the town is protected by the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office.

major employers

Metro Washington Airports AuthorityGiantNeustarTown of LeesburgValleycrest LandscapeLoudoun CountyLoudoun County Public Schools


Hunters Run Wine Barn

Irish hospitality at its finest, The Hunters Run Wintery lies to the west of Paeonian Springs, serving local wines with delicacies from Ireland amidst seasonal decor and live music.

 Vino9 Market

A great stop on any wine and craft brew tour of Loudoun County, Vino9Market stocks its shelves with the finest snacks, meals, and to-go offerings. The Blind Pig @ Vino, the local speakeasy, also opens in the cellar on select Saturday nights


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